Midas Millions Slot Machine at 888 Games

Midas Millions Slot Machine plays off of the very dream that brought us to the slots in the first place – the dream of hitting that massive jackpot on a destitute Tuesday night that brings in the millions of dollars that light up the room. All of a sudden, every expensive watch in the store is yours. Every long car and jet plane is at your disposal for random trips to Aspen for skiing during the day and to Tokyo for dinner at night. The funny thing is that all of those objects of your wealthy fantasies are the symbols you will be playing with in order to gain them, on the Midas Millions slot machine.

Midas Millions features bets for low bettors to high bettors, and you can bet anywhere from .10c all the way up to $500, meaning you can dictate the style of game you want to play. You will be playing on a board shaped like a honeycomb, and you will have 5 reels. The idea is the same as any slot machine, which is to create a winning combination by matching adjacent symbols. There are wild symbols in this game, and they are represented by the gold plated Wild symbol, and when they appear, they can be immediately used as a substitute for any symbol to complete a winning pay line. Whenever two wilds appear on your reels, they can cut a straight line through all of the symbols to create a wild win with a good pay off.

One thing that Midas Millions does differently than any other video slot machine is the Infectious Wild, where landing a Super Wild will cause up to six of the random wilds on the board around it to turn into wilds. This is how you can win the biggest prizes in the game. Depending on your winnings from the free spins, you may be eligible for the mystery bonus prize. King Midas himself will award you the prize, which could be around five times the initial wager of the free spins rounds.

Midas Millions is an excellent new video slot machine over at 888 Games, and it can win you big money if you hit it big with the many different types of wilds that are available to you. If you love slot machines and great winning percentages, you will have a home on the Midas Millions slot machine at 888 Games.

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Texas Choose Em at 888 Games

If you’re a fan of Texas Hold Em poker – and just about every casino player is – you’re going to love this new poker game that is available over at 888 Games right now. It’s called Texas Choose Em, and it is very similar in its rules to Texas Hold Em, but it only takes a few seconds to play each hand. This is a great casino game for fans of Texas Hold Em who do not want to sit around playing the same hand for several minutes on end, and desire something a little more fast paced.

Well, this fast casino table game is the definition of fast paced. The whole point of Texas Choose Em is to, well, “choose em”. You will be presented with two hands on the table in front of you. One hand is completely face up, while the other is completely face down. The cards are all drawn from the same standard 52 card deck. You just need to pick which hand you think will win. You will have the pay out labelled next to each hand, detailing how much you would win if you were to pick that hand and it were to win. Since you only know what one of the hands looks like, you will have to use your judgment to decide if the value of the showing hand is enough to justify picking it.

If it has only a low valued pair in its arsenal, you will most likely win by picking the other hand. However, the pay off will be greater if the showing hand wins, which is entirely possible. It takes little time to get good at Texas Choose Em – especially if you’ve had experience playing casino poker. If you already know the strategy behind Texas Hold Em, you should do well right away. But just remember, knowing the strategy well doesn’t mean you will always win. You are simply playing the poker hands on the table, and there is nobody to bluff or muscle out of a raise, so you are still dealing with a degree of luck and unique strategy in this game.

Head over to 888 Games now, and you can hop in on the Texas Choose Em action that people are raving about. If you love Texas Hold Em but prefer a quicker version that you can play online, this is the game for you, and if you catch fire and pick em right, you can ride your hot streak towards some huge winnings. Remember to let me know when you love – I love to celebrate with my players!

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Spanish 21 Blackjack at 888 Games

Spanish 21 is a card game stylized in the fashion of the casino classic, Blackjack. It is an exceptional game with some minor twists and turns that make it very different than its predecessor, but the heart of the game is still there. Casino players that are die hard Blackjack fans are even starting to convert, which is a good sign that you will be in for a good time if you go over to 888 Games to give the game a shot. But wait! Before you go, let’s look at the exact rules and game play differences so that you don’t walk up to the table with no idea of what you’re doing.

The big difference to start with is knowing that you will not be playing with a standard 52 card deck, but will instead use a 48 card deck, with all of the 10′s pulled out. It might seem inconsequential, but when you realize how important a 10 or a face card is to attaining 21, you realize that your odds of that happening just decreased significantly. Because your chances to draw a card with a 10 value are lower, you need to adjust some of your playing strategy. For example, hitting when you have a hand valued at 12 is less of a threat than it is in standard Blackjack. However, don’t get overly confident and take a hit you will regret. Additionally, you should note that the dealer has to hit on a Soft 17. In normal Blackjack, the dealer must stop at any 17 they get.

There are special bonuses you can get based upon the cards you took to get to 21 – e.g. a bonus for 777, a bonus for 678 etc. Spanish 21 has only a few rule changes that are worth noting, and a quick read up on the different rules should have you set and ready to go to the virtual table and start beating the dealer. If you feel up to the challenge of an interesting new take on Blackjack, you know where to find it- Spanish 21 is available over at 888 Games.

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Poker Dice at 888 Games

If you haven’t played Poker Dice at 888 Games yet, you’re missing out. And if you haven’t even heard of Poker Dice yet, then you are really missing out big time! Head over to 888 Games now and get a look at what’s new in the world of online gambling.

This exciting Poker Dice game basically combines the world of dice games with the world of card games. The idea is similar to poker, but it just happens to use the medium of dice to play the game. You will have five six-sided dice, and you need to roll the best poker hand you can to bring home the big money.

To start the game, you roll the five dice and check your results. If you don’t like what you got, you re-roll the dice that you want to change to try to get better results. Every player has a maximum of three rolls they can make to get the hand they desire. Once a player is happy with their hand, the other players roll to see what they get. The idea is that at the end, all of the dice will be compared, with the person with the highest hand taking home the winnings that were bet.

Because you are using dice, there are no suits, meaning that you can’t play for the flush in Poker Dice. However, by limiting what you can play with, you are limiting the win probabilities, meaning that the game gets simpler and it all comes down to a couple of quick decisions. Online casinos are starting to see people flock to this game for its simplistic take on the beloved game of poker that is combined with the random roll of the dice thrill that draws many people to dice games.

All you have to do is roll a high hand, and you will either be playing with dice labeled 1-6 or 9-Ace, although there is no real difference between the two. Stop by 888 Games right now and give this thrilling poker game a try, and see if you can catch the lucky roll that sends you home with the big money. Even better – play this game with the 12 pounds totally free that’s currently available!

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Roulette at 888 Games

If you’ve ever been inside of a casino, you’ve likely seen the crowds of people standing anxiously around the roulette table. This is where the action takes place. This is where people come to place their money on whatever Lady Luck feels like dealing them that evening. Roulette is an incredibly popular casino game, and is now available to be played with all of the same rush and thrill from the comfort of your own home. Just head on over to 888 Games to see what everyone is talking about.

Before you head over, let’s just go over the basics so you know what to expect while you’re there. The point of the game is to pick the correct number off of the spin of a wheel. It is luck incarnate. There are 37 numbers, as you can pick between 0 and 36. You start by placing your bet on the number you feel is the most likely to earn you the most money; there is no strategy to this, since it is completely up to mature once the ball drops.

There are numerous ways you can bet. The first is by simply selecting one number, such as 23, and hoping that 23 is the number the ball will land on. The payout for correctly selecting one number and being right is the largest jackpot you can win, at 35-1 payout. The next type of bet you can make is called a split bet, where you bet on two different numbers, making your payout 17-1 on a winning bet. The other types of bets are made by betting on any combination of numbers, and if anyone of them wins, you get paid based upon how many numbers you bet; if you bet on more numbers, your payout is of course going to be lower than if you bet on only a few numbers. You can bet on odd or even numbers, red or black colors, the lowest twelve numbers, the middle twelve numbers, or the highest twelve numbers, the first eighteen numbers, or the last eighteen numbers. The payout pays in fractional respect based on the risk you take – e.g. a bet on red or black pays even money.

Roulette is all about luck, and if you are feeling it, then you should try your luck at betting more risky numbers, since it could pay huge. Or, if you just want a quick thrill, you can bet on better odds and still earn some winnings. Either way, roulette is the ultimate thrill game for casino lovers, and is available over at 888 Games – right now. Get your 12 pounds free with no deposit right now – open to players in most of the world (not just the UK) – and play fantastic online roulette and win!

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How the West Was Won Scratch at 888 Games

The wild west was a place which only the ruthless and fearless entered. Without much law to govern it, the west was won by those who dared to draw and make the gamble. Thoughts of a dusty, poorly lit bar room come to mind, while gentlemen with cards in their hands break the only law of the west by shooting an innocent man down. That is the spirit under which this exciting new virtual scratch card game that can be played over at 888 Games was created.

You are new to the wild west town, and are carrying the new sheriff’s badge. Someone gunned down an innocent man, or robbed a train, or sold weapons to a rival gang, and you need to find the perpetrator. All you have to base your investigation on are a few Wanted posters, and you are going to have to find three matching faces in a row to have enough evidence to take down the perpetrator.

Just as the case is with the old west, you need to establish the stakes of the game you are about to play before you start playing. Place your bet on how much you think each Wanted poster should be worth; you only see indistinguishable silhouettes before you start scratching, so all of your bets here are based upon how lucky you are feeling that night. There is even a “lucky symbol” which is depicted as a rope, and will give you the chance to spin another time when you click the Go button. You are really aiming to find rope symbols ad character matches in this game, but its simplicity should not overshadow its brilliance in game play. You get a real feel for the old west here, and it gives you not only good chances to win on your scratches, but on your rope symbols as well.

Head over to 888 Games now, and you can put on the sheriff’s badge and patrol the dusty streets looking for justice in a lawless land. Your winnings will be sweet, and the reward of bringing justice to this lawless land will be sweeter. And right now you can get 12 pounds absolutely free with no deposit required to play this fantastic How the West Was Won scratch card game… so hurry to 888 games!

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