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Here at Beat the Casinos, we’re all about delivering REAL value to players. After all, I’m a player too – I know what it’s like to be a gambler. I’ve experienced the ups and downs, the good days and bad days, casino heat and casino VIP treatment. It’s all part of the experience that comes with taking chances!

I always try to offer exclusive online casino bonuses and similar promotions to readers of my blog. Our October Free Cash Frenzy promotion was so popular that I’ve now extended it until the end of November 2008. I’ve also increased the offer by a full 50% from 10GBP to 15GBP (or equivalent) from my own pocket for EVERY CASINO / BINGO SITE / POKER SITE you join via our blog links!!! Act now whilst my generosity lasts. This is an EXCLUSIVE offer that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Note that this offer is WORLDWIDE – you don’t have to live just in the UK to take this offer up!

I’ve also extended another offer we had in conjunction with (online jewellery auctions where you can get real jewellery bargains). I’m offering 5% of your net purchase value at as a REBATE to you – again via Paypal or direct to your bank account. Again, this offer is EXCLUSIVE to Beat the Casinos. Again, ship internationally – so this is a WORLDWIDE offer (including USA)!

As usual, if you’re a player with any questions, or if you’d like your very own tailor made casino joining deal, do get in touch with me at Alternatively, if you’re visiting as an owner of a similar blog / gambling site, and want to advertise on my blog, also feel free to contact me. I can offer outbound text links to your site, from mine, on a paid or reciprocal basis.

Stay lucky everyone! November is shaping up to be a great month for casino players here at Beat the Casinos. Thank you for your continued readership!

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