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I read earlier this week that MGM Mirage Inc, the biggest casino operator in Las Vegas, has fired more than 400 middle management employees as part of an attempt at cost-cutting. It seems that the company, like many other US casino providers, has finally been hit by the US economic downturn. The “slash-and-burn” of employees is rumoured to save the company $75 million – that’s a big chunk of change! The layoffs will mainly affect Las Vegas staff, but some employees are also affected in Michigan and Mississippi.

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Alan Feldman, spokesman for MGM Mirage Inc said this: “Guests seem to be much more frugal and careful with their money once they come to our resorts. Instead of four days, people stay for three. Instead of a five-star experience, they are going for four stars. Instead of two shows, they’re going to one. There certainly is the possibility that there are people who are also making a decision to gamble less.”

None of us likes to hear about people losing their jobs, but I do think that every cloud has a silver lining. And for gamblers like myself, things look like they’re about to get better. Why? Casinos don’t cut staff unless their gaming revenues have been affected. If the gaming revenues have been affected, then the casino will be doing all it can to attract new customers, and to pamper existing ones. And that means just one thing to me: more casino comps! More freebies, more promotions, more chances to take even more money out of the casino industry, and put it into our own pockets. And that’s what I’m expecting to see happening VERY SOON.

I’ve already noticed a great increase in offers from Las Vegas casinos recently. As an international (non USA) based player, I often miss out on many local promotions being run by the big operators, however, I remain on quite a few of the large US casino mailing lists and VIP books (where I’ve played before and have a trackable playing history). In the last week alone I’ve received three separate “come and stay free” type offers via email – whereas I used to receive these about twice per year. So if the casino gaming revenues really are as tight as they sound for some US casino operators, it’s going to be a GREAT year for receiving casino promotions!

Make sure you’re getting all the comps you’re entitled to. Stay lucky!

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  1. An article just came out that Atlantic City casinos are affected by the economy and actually are DOWNGRADING comps

  2. Casino Barred // April 19, 2008 at 9:45 pm //

    Wow, you’d think Atlantic City would be finding it tough enough, and should therefore be increasing comps. Oh well, if the article you’ve read is true then I guess it will be “goodbye Atlantic City” before long – or at least goodbye to some of its employees. These casinos get greedier and greedier.

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