How To Become A Great Blackjack Player

How To Beat The Casinos How To Beat The Casinos

Blackjack is an amusement game where you play against the casino with other individuals around you sitting at the same table doing the same. You must get as near to 21, or 21 itself, without busting. There are many varieties of blackjack, including face up blackjack, classic blackjack, uk rules blackjack, downtown vegas blackjack and others. Every online casino offers blackjack of some form or another.

To win at blackjack you must use basic strategy, a scoring blackjack methodology, and stick to it. You need to work out how many decks are in the game you are playing against. Single deck games allow for possible card counting, and double deck games too – but card counting on large shoes of cards is more tricky. I like live casino games (online) for this reason where you can see all of the cards but the casinos don’t know you’re attempting to count. Most land based casinos use 4 or more decks and shuffle after every hand – so you can’t shuffle track / count cards.

You must be disciplined if you’re going to win. You must have a betting strategy alongside your game strategy, and you must not deviate at all. Don’t play when drunk, don’t play when brassed off or angry. If you’re playing in a club with real dealers in front of you, look relaxed and don’t let them know you’re counting, attempting to count, or playing in an automated fashion… you might get unnecessary attention and be told not to play. I saw it happen to a player once. He won 20 odd hands in a row which is not normal, and made a good amount of money because he was doubling his bets after a while (so winning more with every hand) up to the house table limit. He was allowed to gather his chips from the table, but on route to the cashier’s cage he was taken into a side room by security and talked to. Ultimately he was allowed to cash out (they finally agreed he was not a counter and it was just luck that he won), but it scared him off playing there again for about a year or two. I’m sure there are some players who get into worse situations.

Play basic strategy alongside your other techniques to dispense with the house edge on blackjack. If you can do that you’ll have a good chance to beat the house each time you play. Good luck with your blackjack profession! - The Bonus King!

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