ITBox-Style Darts Anyone?

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So, perhaps you’re a current William Hill ITBox player, who enjoys making your way into your local William Hill bookmakers office in the UK to play the various games on offer. I certainly used to be, until I had my unfortunate customer service experience with them. That customer service mishap was ultimately resolved, but it left a sour taste in my mouth (about both William Hill bookies and the ITBox fixed odds betting terminal (FOBT))- and I’ve not played there since. Personal choice and all that…

Anyway, if you have played the ITBox machines popular in William Hill bookies (and also in several other bookmaking chains) then you’ll probably have come across the very popular “Darts” game. Betfair Casino now offer a similar game of Darts, and you can play from the comfort of your own home, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Importantly, the game offers a range of compelling odds that could bring you great returns! And, if you want to play COMPLETELY RISK FREE of your own bankroll, you can always join Betfair Casino and get their great FREE 5GBP plays for new members (i.e. play with THEIR money)!

The objective in Darts is simple: you just need to predict where the darts will land on the dartboard. You can bet on the exact spot where you think the dart(s) will land, the number of single, doubles or trebles, the total number of points per round, and many other options. You pick the odds you want to play! There are high paying (tougher odds) bets, and low paying (easier odds) options on all games. You can make any combination of the bets you like. Each game gives you three throws of the darts – which gives you many chances to win.

When you do win, there is a bonus round which gives you a chance to double (or even triple – with a bullseye) your winnings with a single dart throw. If you play the bonus round, a single dart is thrown. If it lands in a red area, you could receive even money (1x), double (x2) or triple (x3 – bullseye) your current bet. If it lands in a black area, you could lose half or all of your bet. It’s a gamble! The bonus round continues until you lose all of your bet.

Darts is a fun game that has similarities to roulette, but a different gameplay. If you enjoy the fun of high-paying “luck involved” games, then Darts could be worth a try. Try it now at Betfair Casino.

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