Magic Portals Slot Machine Redbet Casino

Magic Portals Slot Machine at Redbet Casino

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Brought to us by our friends at Net Entertainment, and available for play at Redbet Casino, Magic Portals Slot Machine is a fun, well-designed game for enthusiasts of the surreal, the magical, the mythical, and those who like to win a lot of money. The symbols that you will be playing with are powerful wizards, lightning bolts, owls, dragons, witches, wolves, fire, and other magical elements.

The slot machine game colours are captivating, and the music is intense, dark, and excellent at adding suspense and thrill to the game as a whole. With 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 pay lines, you’ll have plenty of fun with Magic Portals. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Magic Portals, and what sets it apart from the other games of its kind, are the Magic Portals that appear on reels 1 and 5. Whenever you get the same symbol in both of the Magic Portals, every symbol of its kind on the board will transform into a Wild Symbol, which can be used as a substitute for every symbol on the board. When you land a few Wild Symbols to complete a winning combination, you’ll win the maximum amount of coin available for that winning combination, in accordance with the Pay Table.

Magic Portals Slot Machine at Redbet Casino

Magic Portals Slot Machine at Redbet Casino

When you land the Free Spin symbols in your Magic Portals, you will be taken to the Free Spins part of the game, where you will be able to take your shot at higher winnings. During your free spins, all of the treasures you may win while spinning for free will get added to your principal coin collection. The beauty is that while doing your free spins, if you land more Free Spin symbols in your Magic Portals, they get added to your spin count, meaning you can keep playing with free spins until you’ve either run out or scored a major jackpot!

With the generous amount of free spins that you are given, and the high likelihood of landing numerous Wild Symbols across the board, you have very high odds of leaving Magic Portals as a winner, with a substantially higher number of coins than you entered the game with. Head on over to Redbet Casino today and see exactly what everyone is talking about. You’ll come for the jackpots and you’ll stay for the excellent graphics and user-friendly game play experience.

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