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This might seem like a given, an obvious thing, but the main purpose for this blog is to allow you, the player, to find out about the range of roulette games you can play, and also to learn strategies that might make you money in casinos and UK bookmakers (fobt roulette) – or allow you to hold your own and / or extend your playing time. I’d not like to be responsible for you actually losing money / giving it away to the huge monolithic corporations that own these palaces of chance. So I’d like to offer this responsible gambling information:

For most people, recreational gambling is a fun pastime that provides good quality entertainment value – lights, glamour, socialising, with a shot of adrenalin, and the chance to actually be paid while you play. However, it can be addictive, and for some people, it can become an all-encompassing passion – which like any addiction, can lead to problems.

These are some basic rules to apply when gambling which might alleviate some of this risk:

1) Never play with money you cannot afford to lose. (Whilst this blog will try to offer you advice to improve your chances of “holding your own” or extending your playing time, there can still be “bad runs of luck”).

2) Never chase your losses – i.e. if you have a £100 budget, and lose it, don’t spend another £500 trying to get it back. Have a “loss limit” and stick to it… in the same vein, you need to have a “win limit” – a point of winning at which you’ll also walk away (to ensure that you do in fact take some of the casino’s money home with you)…

3) View gambling as entertainment, not an investment. This is important and I believe one of the key factors that will allow you to avoid addiction. Gaming is occasional fun, which if kept within financial and time limits, can be hugely satisfying – but playing 24 hours per day is overstepping the boundaries of fun.

4) Never put gambling ahead of your partner, family, friends, career, community life.

5) If at any point you feel you are losing control, STOP. If you cannot stop on your own, seek help from organisations such as Gamcare (, Gamblers Anonymous (, or a Citizens Advice Bureau office. In the absence of these organisations in your area, you might also find talking to a health professional or faith worker useful / helpful.

There are of course many other rules which could apply – but I hope that the above are useful. It’s important as with any game to respect the rules of play: play often, play well – but never play beyond your means, and never play to excess. Moderation is always the key. May good luck follow us all whenever we play. 🙂

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