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This article seeks to give some indication of the house edge on your favourite slot machine. The house edge will differ from machine to machine, from manufacturer to manufacturer, and often from coin / play denomination to denomination.

Generally, the higher the average bet likely to be acheived by the slot machine, the higher the slot machine payout percentage. So if a 5c slot machine returns say 82%, a 25c slot machine might return 90%, a $1 slot machine might return 93%, and a $5 or above slot machine might return say 96%. I say might, because each casino decides individually on the slot machine game configurations they purchase from the slot machine manufacturers, and on the style of slot machine games they purchase.

It’s generally difficult to get true payout percentages for slot machines, because they are closely guarded secrets from the slot machine manufacturers – well, as far as players are concerned anyway. Imagine you walk into a casino and see a big sign on a machine: “I only give you back 83c for every $1 you put in me”. Would you play that machine? It’s unlikely. But in reality this is what’s REALLY happening. Every so often this manufacturer information gets reported on in an industry publication, or magazine. I read these publications, so often take note of these stats.

For your playing benefit, I’ve assembled a table of likely payout percentage ranges for a variety of slot games. The figures range because the manufacturers produce these games in various formats / configurations, and the casinos can choose which configuration to buy to meet their slot floor purchasing policies. The games may differ by jurisdiction / country also. The ranges below show the approximate payout percentages that the manufacturers offer the games in. By looking at these percentages, you can get a feel for which games are better to play than others.

Aristocrat Slot Machines Payout Percentages
African Storm: 87.86% – 94.84%
Boot Scootin (US market): 87.20% – 97.15%
Dinosaur: 87.98% – 94.96%
Double Happiness: 85.96% – 93.05%
Mr Woo: 90.63% – 92.17%
Tiki Talk: 87.95% – 94.86%
Wild Panda: 88.00% – 95%

IGT Slot Machines Payout Percentages
Addams Family: 88% – 93.5%
Austin Powers: 88% – 98%
Diamond Jackpots: 87.9% – 96.5%
Elephant King: 85.03% – 98.04%
Enchanted Unicorn: 85% – 98%
Fortune Cookie: 85.03% – 98.01%
Imperial Dragon: 88% – 94.99%
Neon Nights: 87.53% – 98.03%
Pink Panther: 88% – 95%
Price Check: 85% – 98%
Price is Right – Cliffhangers: 85% – 98%
Red White and Blue: 85.03% – 97.45%
Soul Train Mystery – Progressive: 87.59% – 94.27%
Texas Tea: 87% – 97% (Note: Virgin Casino offer this game online also).
Viva Las Vegas: 87.5% – 87.8%
Wheel of Fortune Super Spin: – 87.5% – 89.40%

Konami Gaming Slot Machines Payout Percentages
Splendors of India: 82% – 96%
African Diamond: 82% – 98%

This list is of course just a very small subset from the slot machines available in your typical casino. Is there a machine you really enjoy playing that you’d like me to source this information for? Is there a slot machine manufacturer i’ve not yet listed that you’d like information about? Let me know at, and I’ll do my best to help.

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