The Plagiarists are Everywhere

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You might recall that I wrote a blog entry back in December about how others on the Internet were copying my work, and trying to pass it off as their own.

I write this blog largely for personal interest (I’m a player too), but I do at least write MY OWN CONTENT. Every article, every entry is this blog has been PERSONALLY RESEARCHED by me. I think that’s important. I want you to have a reason to visit regularly, and having UNIQUE content ensures that happens. So imagine my surprise when I find that a large Alderney based online casino company are trying to pass off my work as their own! I’m less than impressed…

Here’s my original article (personally researched and written) about Slot Machine volatility / payout cycles, in February 2008: slot machine payout cycles.

Here’s the Get Minted reworked (but still plagiarised) version of 28 March:

On one hand, I’m flattered that my work is featured – it proves that its “good stuff” and considered useful to casino readers. On the other hand, I’m simply disgusted that a large online casino would stoop so low as to copy other’s content simply to build their own library of content. You can see that I keep a VERY close eye on this type of thing because I’m NOT there to provide content for other sites.

I’m sure Get Minted are not the only organisation trying to pass my work off as their own – this is not a Witch-hunt. But a warning to others who publish my work without sourcing it, and without permission: I WILL find you. From my original article re the copying of my work back in December, I’d like to suggest the following:

“I don’t mind people placing the articles I write on their own sites – but if you do this, you MUST include the following details:

1) You must make it very clear that YOU are NOT the original author. The original author is ME. You must tell people that.

2) You must provide a link to the actual original article for users to follow, and also an intro line along the lines of “Here’s an interesting article I found at Beat the Casinos – link to this article is URL” (etc.)

3) If you do copy articles across, please also include the original HTML links. Telling people about a book (for example) but then not providing a link for them to get further information is not helpful.”

I’m all about expanding the reach of my information to help others in their search for better value (and better played) gambling – but I’m NOT happy for that content to be re-used without adequate source details being placed for others to see.

Beat The Casinos blog readers, you’re coming to the SOURCE for great gambling information. Make sure you keep visiting us FIRST for the latest and greatest in gambling writing and information.

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  1. Anonymous // April 10, 2008 at 9:13 am //

    Fixed the post for you and attributed the list to your site. Hope this helps.

  2. Casino Barred // April 15, 2008 at 12:18 am //

    Thanks for the attempt – however your plagarised post still doesn’t show any crediting to my site that I can see…

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