Las Vegas Sams Town Casino Review

Sam’s Town Las Vegas casino is one of those places that when you see it, it stays with you. It’s design is made to look like an old west town, complete with large wagon wheels and wooden shutters on the outside, but of course it has those bright white bulbs that draw you in like a moth to a light.

Inside, the casino and hotel has been modernised, and has one of the largest sports books off strip, complete with half a dozen large projection screens, scrolling tickers and an attached grill so you don’t need to leave the area during a big game.

The slot machines at Sams Town are their primary focus. Right now they have a promotion they are advertising called Penny Lenny, complete with an Abraham Lincoln portrait wearing sunglasses indicating which games are going to be the one penny slots that have the highest payouts and bonuses. Who doesn’t love a bonus while playing a loose slot machine?

Table games here aren’t that popular though. They have very few of your typical casino table game selections. While walking around, the three card poker was the busiest, and even then the table itself lacked enthusiasm. However, they are some of the cheapest tables off strip with poker having only a $3 bet. One thing that does distinguish Sam’s Town from other gaming complexes is that it has multiple gaming floors. That’s right, there is not one, but two levels of gambling including bingo on the second floor.

One of the biggest features inside Sam’s Town opened in the early 1990’s: The Atrium, which is situated inside the middle of the casino in the food court and shopping area. It’s a huge window ceiling enclosure that is set up to look like a walking path, complete with running creek and various animatronic animals that chirp and move. The main feature is a multi-story rock formation that acts as a water fall and backdrop for their light show that’s held every hour. A lot of the hotel rooms here face into this atrium, so I can only imagine what the view looks like from those rooms.

Sams Town Casino Atrium

Sams Town Casino Atrium

In the Atrium area you’ll also find Billy Bob’s Steakhouse, the hotel check in, their personal brand shopping area and food court with various fast food options.

If you’re looking to do something a little more active here, Sams Town also has ten pin bowling. During the week it can get quite crowded with league bowlers, but lanes are available fairly easily after they’re done. If you’re travelling with kids, you can also cosmic bowl on the weekends starting on Friday. It’s like taking a step back into the late 1980’s when black lights and glow products were all the rage. The lights get dimmed, the projection screens come down, the pins glow in a variety of colors, and Sams Town play the top 40 current songs with music videos. And, if you’re into NASCAR, this place will be your home. They love it, and welcome everyone who is in town for it, however rooms do book quickly.

This is one of those places that seems to cater to Las Vegas locals, but is also one that loves its tourists, and you should have no problem finding something here to do, whether it be gambling, watching a show or a live band on the weekend, or visiting the two story movie theatre that is also on site.

Sams Town Casino Live

Sams Town Casino Live

And a fun little side note: The popular US band, The Killers, got their start in Las Vegas, and named their second studio album, Sam’s Town, after this casino and hotel. It’s a staple place for the youth on the east side of town, and they cite a lot of influence and memories were had here.

Visit Sams Town when you’re next in the Las Vegas area. They offer great gaming value here.

Written by Charmaine Bird, in March 2014.