Reno Peppermill Casino Review

If you have any expectations of what the Peppermill in Reno looks or feels like, forget about them. I promise you, you will be wrong. This isn’t a good or bad thing – it simply shows how diverse the property is.

If you’ve visited the Peppermill before 2009 or so, don’t expect the same old place. The central Reno resort has undergone a massive renovation, transforming into something resembling a Tuscan palace. For those looking for a Vegas alternative, this may be your answer. An entire wing is now Tuscany-themed, and the exterior is absolutely gorgeous. While the single tower isn’t as tall as the rest of Reno’s hotel/casinos, it is much, much longer. This means that the rooms, casino, and everything else are all spread out over a large area, so those with issues walking may want to think twice. Located about ten minutes south of the downtown area, the Peppermill has a lot of extra room to work with.

It should be mentioned that while the number of restaurants is right on par with the rest of the area’s casinos, the aesthetics far exceed them. I haven’t eaten at any of them, myself, but absolutely everything looked appetizing and had a very sharp sense of elegance – all without feeling too formal or imposing. Every eatery is themed, from Tuscan to Chinese to seafood (complete with a giant aquarium). Anyone looking to party can do so at the Edge nightclub, located on one of the upper floors. The club is only a few years old, and holds a good reputation with the locals. I recommend getting your free drinks on the gambling floor, though, as the libations at the club can get expensive. There’s also an arcade, but it simply wasn’t as impressive as the Atlantis’.

Reno Peppermill Casino Sitting Room

Reno Peppermill Casino Sitting Room

There are almost a dozen small lounges/bars to kick back in, from the modern Fireside Lounge to the Pub, which isn’t as traditional as it sound, but still isn’t half bad for a pint and a rest from the noise of the casino. But if you really want to go somewhere for a breather, there’s an unnamed area on the second floor that is quiet, spacious, has wonderfully comfortable lounge chairs and sofas, and overlooks a section of the casino floor. I’ve never seen anything like it at any other casino.

Reno Peppermill Casino - Outside Fountain

Reno Peppermill Casino – Outside Fountain

I was much more impressed with the table games at the Peppermill than any of the other local casinos I’ve been in. The tables themselves are much nicer, the lighting is an odd sort of welcoming yellow glow, and the dealers mostly appear friendly. On top of that, the variety and sheer number of tables are much better than at the neighboring Atlantis. They’ve got most standard poker games, blackjack, craps, and roulette. And boy, do they love their tournaments – I spotted at least two separate tournaments in session in convention rooms off the casino floor. And the “poker room” isn’t really a room at all, but a giant curtained section of the first floor. If you’re a poker player, prepare to be treated like royalty. Unfortunately, I’ve got bad news for all you slot junkies – I didn’t see a single nickel or penny slot machine in the place. Of course, I could’ve missed them, as the slot area is enormous, but there certainly wasn’t an obvious section.

I’ve noticed an odd pattern with Reno casinos not promoting their player’s clubs, or at least not within their own properties. The Peppermill is no exception – there was one poster advertising a $20,000 giveaway, but that was it. Despite this, the place was more crowded than any of the other places I’ve visited, and most people seemed to be in a genuinely good mood. And as a side note, I’ll say that I personally stayed in one of their hotel rooms since the renovation, and it was incredible – four-star level everything.

Although there’s nothing to deter families from staying here, I really recommend using this as an adult retreat. Party at the club, stroll the beautiful grounds, stop to appreciate the art in the halls, and enjoy a nice dinner at one of the many lovely restaurants. The gambling scene at the Peppermill is one of the most inviting I’ve ever seen, and that, combined with the rest of the property’s many good attributes, makes it the best overall place to getaway in Reno.

Written by Kenny Stoneman in March 2014.