Apologies For My Absence

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Some of you may notice that it’s been about a month since my last blog post. My apologies for that. I know from the many emails I receive that many visitors here have become regular readers – and I do try to keep writing informative and new emails as much as possible. After all, gambling is an ongoing area of interest for most of us, so there’s always new information to consider. I’ll try and be more regular – I promise!

Part of the reason for my absence was a casino comp visit to Jupiters Casino in Surfers Paradise, Australia. Whilst I didn’t stay in house this time, that was offered – but I’ll take up that opportunity at a future time as I had accommodation sorted already. Jupiters has definitely improved since my last visit there a year ago. The VIP area, now simply known as “The Club” rather than Club Conrad appeared fresher, with a soft lighting entrance and the removal of the grand piano from the entrance centre – now placed to the side. The blackjack games are still hand shuffled, although still six decks (making them worse than some other vip areas with 4 deck games at other casinos), but the staff were friendly and helpful.

My only negative comment is that the food spread in The Club and in Gold Club (the slots lounge) was reduced from my former visit. That’s sadly a trend I’m seeing more and more of as I travel in the VIP rooms of many casinos around the world. The champagne is reduced to sparkling wine (except with host approval), the food offerings reduced now to items like bread rolls and soup, and crackers and cheese… again this trend is not isolated to Jupiters, or even Australia. As casino chains are pushed more and more for revenue, this penny pinching on food and drink items is getting more widespread.

Perhaps that’s why I play online more these days where the offers are better, and I get cash back or promotions rather than a few sandwiches and a diet coke. I can use the cash I make online from the online casinos to make a mighty fine meal here at home! Anyway, apologies again for my absence – but I’m back again, and ready to write and write and write!

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