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Our friends from Cryptologic bring us an excellent themed slot machine game featuring Batman and all of his comic book adaptations.

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Our friends from Cryptologic bring us an excellent themed slot machine game featuring Batman and all of his comic book adaptations. Batman was unique in the comic book world of superheroes because he didn’t have any super human abilities. While Superman had incredible strength and invincibility, Wolverine had healing powers and the ability to shred through steel, and Spiderman could shoot webs, Batman used his intelligence, training, and gadgetry to protect Gotham from all of the evil-doers. Much in the same light that Batman was unique to the superhero genre, Batman Slot Machine is unique to the slot machine genre, and is available to be played now at 888 Games.

All of the symbols are straight out of the Batman comics; you will be playing with Batman, the Joker, the Bat Symbol Flood Light, Batman’s motorcycle, his grappling hook, and Commissioner Gordon. One thing that readers of the comic books will appreciate is that the animation is done in the style of the old Batman comics.

Your goal is the same as it is with any slot machine, which is to complete winning combinations. This game is very kind to people betting on every level, as it gives low ballers the chance to start at betting .01 while more experienced high rollers can bet up to 1200 credits per spin. There is a Scatter symbol in the game, and it is represented by the Bat Symbol. Whenever you land three or more, you will get taken to the bonus game, where you play as Batman and roam around taking down prisoners in your search for the Joker. But watch out, because the Joker’s strength is based on his intelligence and craftiness. If you best him at his own game, you can win up to 100 times the money you originally bet!

The game is a standard 5 reel, 3 row setup, with 50 pay lines for you to shoot at. There is also a re-spin feature that will give you double your winnings if you land a winning combination during the re-spin. If you land the right combo, you will activate the re-spin, where certain reels freeze while others re-spin, giving you a more likely chance of landing a winning combination.

Batman Slot Machine is a fun, well designed game that gives you plenty of chances to win, and even a chance to play as Batman himself. Comic book fans and gamblers alike will love this new game at 888 Games.

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