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The Battleship Search and Destroy slot machine is now available at Virgin Casino. You can feel the excitement of battle in this action-packed slot machine game based on the popular Battleship strategy game. Battleship – Search & Destroy™ features 25 paylines, stacks of three Wild symbols on every reel, and two exciting bonus rounds! Line up Stacked Wilds® on the reels to trigger a huge number of simultaneous wins and some amazingly big payouts — up to 125,000 credits at max bet! (Note: you can bet up to 5 credits on every payline – so a maximum 125 credits bet is possible).

You can trigger the Pick Your Battle™ Bonus (on the Battleship Search and Destroy slot machine) by getting three Bonus symbols on a played line. In this Bonus, YOU decide which bonus round to play. You can choose from the Winning Encounter™ Bonus or the Sink the Fleet™ Bonus.

In the Winning Encounter Bonus, engage in thrilling ship-to-ship combat and earn up to a 5x multiplier. Spin for free until you sink the enemy ship, the enemy sinks you, or you have spun 100 times. A single payline win could pay you up to 25,000 credits at max bet!

In the Sink the Fleet Bonus, stage a daring sneak attack on a fleet of enemy ships. Strategically fire at the enemy fleet hidden somewhere on the 8×8 grid. Win up to 16,000 credits at max bet if you sink the entire fleet. There’s a bit of strategy involved with this (I recommend starting in the middle squares first and then firing out from the centre), and a good player really can do well here.

With so many profitable adventures awaiting you in Battleship – Search & Destroy, it’s time to play! Virgin Casino offers all new players a 100% match play bonus – so make sure that you get your bonus today! Free cash, free chances to win!

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