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If you haven’t visited the Beat the Slots blog for a while, you’ll be noticing some changes today. Yes, after almost 10 months of our old blog style, I decided it was time to try something new. So we have a new site look and feel. I think it’s cleaner, easier to read, and a bit less cluttered. Hopefully you’ll agree – but I’m always happy to hear your thoughts at

I should stress here that whilst the site look and feel has changed, the content (and out commitment to it) hasn’t. We’re still committed to bringing you valuable slot machine information and advice (100% free), news of new slot games and casino promotions for slot machine players, and some of our personal tips and tricks to help you to play slot machines better (and hopefully win more). If there’s any casino topic you’d like to see covered (or any particular slot machines you’d like a review of), do let me know. Thanks for visiting!

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