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I’m often emailed by sports bettors, who are looking for a “better deal”. “Where should we go Dave for the best odds?”, “Who do you recommend as a reputable sportsbook?” are typical questions. I’ve long been against the typical UK bookmakers (William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Stanleys, Coral, etc) and their tight odds on games. Before the Internet was here, I’d gladly go down to the local bookies to place my bets on football matches and the like – but once betting exchanges started appearing online, I’ve never felt the need to bet anywhere else!

Here’s a live example (today, right now) from various bookies / betting exchanges, showing current odds for a football match between Fulham and Chelsea to happen on Tuesday 1 January, 2008 at 12.45pm UK time:

Paddy Power:
Chelsea Win – 1/2 (1GBP returns 1.50) DRAW – 11/4 (1GBP returns 3.75) Fulham Win – 11/2 (1GBP returns 6.50)

Chelsea Win – 1/2 (1GBP returns 1.50) DRAW – 5/2 (1GBP returns 3.50) Fulham Win – 5/1 (1GBP returns 6.00)

Chelsea Win – 4/9 (1GBP returns 1.44) DRAW – 13/5 (1GBP returns 3.60) Fulham Win – 11/2 (1GBP returns 6.50)

Chelsea Win – 1.59 (1GBP returns 1.59) DRAW – 4.2 (1GBP returns 4.20) Fulham Win – 7 (1GBP returns 7.00)

Those of you with an eye for detail will notice that one site was CONSISTENTLY above all others with the odds offered – Betfair. Why is this? Betfair are not traditional bookmakers – they are a person-to-person betting exchange. You’re betting against other people, with Betfair acting as intermediaries. Betfair take a small commission on the winnings portion of all WINNING BETS – but generally no higher than 5%. Even allowing for that, their odds are HIGHER than all of the other bookies!

This is why I’m happy to recommend Betfair – they’re reputable, fast paying, UK licensed, and above all they offer GREAT VALUE. Join their excellent casino today (and get free match play cash AND the Dec 2007 / Jan 2008 BONUS CASH from ME directly – see our “join the casinos” promotion at the base of every blog page). Once you’re a Betfair casino member, that same account can be used to place sports bets.

As usual, let me know how you get on – I naturally wish you the very best of luck!

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