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Blackjack has progressed beyond anyone’s expectations since first experience with gambling joints in the 1700s. Blackjack is one of the few recreations that can permit players to lessen the house edge with the utilization of feasible, substantial techniques. Notwithstanding, blackjack is still an exceptionally straightforward amusement for anybody to play, consequently giving to its notoriety, both inside and outside of gambling joints.

Anyhow for players who are looking to play blackjack for true cash, and for novices completely new at this amusement (how hard is it to discover one?), there are a few items to know before putting your cash into the game.

Set your blackjack limits – When playing blackjack for cash, set limits to cut your losses. Have a maximum amount you can bear to lose. Set your “losing streak” limit – the number of hands you can play and successively lose. Also set a maximum and realistic amount you are going to win (20% to 30% improvement on your original bankroll is a good target). By setting these limits you’ll lose less on a losing streak, and ensure that you take winnings when you make them.

Know your blackjack rules – You can’t make money from blackjack if you don’t know the game rules. Look out for blackjack game rules that are favourable to you (e.g. the ability to split any hand more than once, the ability to double down after a split etc), as every rule in your favour will help your long term results.

Learn blackjack mathematics – You must beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. Make sure you can count to 21 before you play, so that you don’t go bust and give cash to the house. Learn basic strategy. Probability, odds, numbers and chance all decide gaming outcomes much more than sentiments and guts.

Learn to count cards – This is not for everyone, and it’s not possible to count in many of the blackjack games now on offer. But if you get the chance to count, in a fair game, do it. You can move the odds of the game to your side. Really. This is why some casinos ban card counters – they don’t like giving their money away.

These recommendations are just some of the essential blackjack tips new players may as well know. Study the game well, and you’ll be able to better protect your wallet of cash at the blackjack tables. - The Bonus King!

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