Can Blackjack Bots Win?

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If you play blackjack by the principles of basic strategy, you can minimise the house edge. If you can program a piece of computer code (or “bot”) to play perfect basic strategy, you can supposedly win money. Even the best human player is not perfect – but a bot can be as perfect as their coding allows. There are lots of blackjack bots out there.

Good blackjack bots work like the brain of an exceptional blackjack player. The blackjack bot will know precisely when to hit, when to split the cards, and when to double down and make some really money. If you trust the bot to do exactly this, you can set it to work on an online casino, and then go to bed, and wake up with good profit! You have to tell the bot some criteria like the number of decks being played, the rule set, and your bankroll and bet amounts. Blackjack bots like this are in use already – some guys make $30+ an hour off small bets playing cards online… but be aware that some online casinos do have software checks built in that look for this automated perfect play – and they may choose not to pay out to you if they believe that your software is effectively cheating theirs.

A blackjack bot will not give you an edge over the house, but will play better than you can on your own. Humans get tired and make mistakes when playing blackjack, but blackjack bots don’t. Blackjack bots don’t drink, don’t sweat, and don’t get emotional. They make the art of playing blackjack purely mathematical. You’ll reduce the house edge to about 0.5% with a blackjack bot – and in the short term you might win from the house. But the house edge is still there in the long term – and even with the use of a blackjack robot you can’t overcome this. - The Bonus King!

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