Casino Dice at 888 Games

Casino Dice at 888 Games

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A roll of the dice is a motion that brings the words “thrill”, “rush”, and “excitement” to the minds of real die-hard casino gamblers. It is the physical manifestation of luck, which is the mysterious force that draws people to the table in the first place. A roll of the dice is something you have no control over, but what you can control is how you bet your money on the roll. That’s the point behind Casino Dice, a video dice game available for play at 888 Games.

A pair of dice is going to be rolled onto the board, and you need to bet on what the combination will come out to. The style of betting is very similar to Roulette, in that you can bet on each dice individually by placing your chips on the line between two numbers. When betting on the total outcome between both dice, be aware of the betting multiplier. If you correctly bet on the combination of 7 coming out, you will still win 5.8 times your initial bet, but it is significantly less than the other options because 7 is the most likely combination in the game of dice. If you bet on a combination of 8 or 6, you will win 7 times you initial bet. Betting on 9 or 5 as the winning combination will yield you 8.7 times your initial bet. You will win 11.7 times your bet amount if you correctly bet on an outcome of 10 or 4. 11 and 3 will earn you 17.5 times your bet, and the maximum jackpot is awarded to you if you correctly bet on a winning combination of 2 or 12, since both outcomes only have one possible combination out of many possible dice roll combinations.

Aside from just betting on the specific possible outcome of the dice roll, you can also bet on the range the combination will fall under. You can bet on whether the combination will be in the Lower, Middle, or Upper tier of numbers. For instance, if the combination is between 2 and 4, you will win 5.8 times your initial bet if you bet on Lower. If the combination is between 10 and 12, you will win 5.8 times your initial bet for correctly picking Upper. If you bet Middle, which is 5-9 and the most likely combination in the game, you will only win 1.45 times your initial bet.

Not a dice fan? I don’t believe you. Give Casino Dice at 888 Games a spin. It’s a fun game, and may well change your mind about playing dice games online. It’s fun and profitable. Give it a try!

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