Cheating Roulette – Legally?

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If you’ve got a spare US$25,000 to $100,000 to “invest” in your roulette game, an interesting website suggests it could help you to make millions at the tables. That website is “Genuine Winner Roulette System“. I’m typically against any kind of casino gambling “system” that “guarantees” profits, and I’m also typically against any kind of casino gambling “device”. I believe that games should be fair, for both the casino and the player.

I have no proof either way of whether this “hybrid roulette computer” device works – although the site itself makes great claims as to its accuracy (quoting a 1-in-15 win rate on a single number, as opposed to the usual 1-in-37). I do know this much: if I had a spare US$100,000 lying around the house, I probably wouldn’t need to play in a casino! That is of course just my personal opinion, and I can’t speak for other gamblers.

Maybe this device has a market with those multi-millionaires out there, or with those people who like to take high casino risks. But is it really legal? The site suggests that this device is legal – but also a “cheating device” – but then says that purchasers need to sign an agreement specifying that they won’t use the device to play roulette illegally. Isn’t cheating illegal? I’m not a lawyer, but it all sounds a bit good to be true. In my local casino, they won’t let you have a cellphone on anywhere near the tables / pit – so they’re even less likely to let you photograph / video a spinning roulette wheel. And besides, wouldn’t casino surveillence pick this up?

Anyway, it’s an interesting twist on how to win at roulette. If you’ve ever used one of these devices and have PROOF one way or the other of their effectiveness, do let me know via email at the usual address.

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