Cubis Slot Machine at 888 Games

Cubis Slot Machine at 888 Games

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Cubis is an interesting new variant of the slot machine game that is available to be played over at 888 Games. Cubis plays on the fan based following and love for games like Tetris and Bejeweled. The entire game is played on a cubical board, which makes it unique and different from every other slot machine style game in its class. Some games will make the animation three dimensional, while this one makes the entire game play a three dimensional experience.

75 cubes will hit the board, covering the two sides and a bottom of a cube. The goal is the same with every other cube matching game – you are simply trying to match as many cubes as possible. Your pay lines are unique in this game; due to the three dimensional faces of the game, you can line up your pay lines across multiple boards. You have likely played enough of these slot machine style games (the line ’em up style) to know that once you land enough consecutively to nail a winning combination, the winning combination will disappear and the cubes around it will fall into its place. The beauty of turning one of these types of games into a casino game is that you will have multiple opportunities to win more than one winning combination in a single spin. All you need to do is pick how many pay lines you would like to play with, which can be anywhere from 1 to 15. After that, determine how much you would like to bet.

Since you have the opportunity to win multiple times on one spin, it’s a good idea to bet heavy more regularly than you would on other games. You’ve played these types of games enough to know that hitting one winning combination often means you will hit three or four. Once you’re all set and ready, just hit “spin” and you’ll be bombarded with cubes. The beauty of this game is that there are plenty of bonus cubes laying around; if you hit a bonus cube on a pay line, you could multiply your winnings substantially. With all of the simplicity of a children’s game, there is no reason you shouldn’t head over to 888 Games and give it a spin or two. We promise, you’ll fall in love with the game’s minimalist design and generous payouts.

Go over to 888 Games and play Cubis Slot Machine today, and gather all of the winnings you can.

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