Da Vinci Roulette System – New in 2013

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I’ve been reading about the Da Vinci Roulette System – a new betting system for roulette, that’s only been launched in 2013. The information available about this system suggests the following: “Win At Roulette. Software System Leaked By An Online Casino Programmer That Is Designed To Help You Beat Roulette. Discover How Easy It Is To Beat The Online Casinos Using This Piece Of Software That’s New To 2013”. That’s quite a statement. Computer programmer leaks roulette system information? I’m intrigued myself, having programmed computers.

Roulette is a game of chance. Probability tells me that in the very long run, every number on a roulette wheel should come up evenly, assuming the wheel and game are fair. Of course, in the short term, some numbers come up more than others. I’m thinking this might be where the Da Vinci Roulette system can help. The writer of the Da Vinci Roulette system suggests that online casinos use a luck algorithm to generate numbers spun:

“Something you probably didn’t know was that online casinos generate random results for their roulette tables and slot machines using a special “luck algorithm” which is designed to ensure they always have the better advantage. But… the “luck algorithm” used by online casinos to generate their results isn’t as strong as you think; making their software open to exploitation! Particularly the casinos which use the PlayTech, Microgaming, RTG and Cryptologic gaming platforms.”

Is the Da Vinci Roulette System creator right about some secret algorithm being used? I’ve certainly had good and bad runs on computer roulette, just as I’ve done in real land based casinos. A luck algorithm sounds strange – but who am I to judge? Find out more about this very new Da Vinci Roulette System, and make your own mind up. If you win thousands of dollars, please do let me know!

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