Fifa World Cup Soccer 2010 Bonus

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In just a few hours the Fifa World Cup Soccer 2010 Grand Final will be held between Spain and the Netherlands. Who will win? I suspect Spain – but then in a match with two teams you can never be sure. I once backed Germany to lose to England in football, which paid 5 to 1. So sometimes I support the favourite but I often bet the underdog – I have to win less matches that way to make money. As long as the underdog is paying at least 2 to 1 (most pay much more), and I win 50% of the time, then I’m in the cash!

Despite how your betting strategy works, favourite or underdog, I’d like to offer you a bonus. Simply sign up for a new sportsbook account with Betfair, Coral, or Totesport via links in this blog entry, bet at least 25GBP in a single bet or combination of bets, and in addition to any signup bonus the brand itself is offering you, I’ll give you a free 5GBP cash gift. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose your bet(s). Just email me at when you’ve opened your account and made your bets, and we can arrange for your cash gift via Paypal or similar. This will be paid once your account has been confirmed by the brand as having met any signup / betting requirements.

If you read this blog entry after the Fifa World Cup Soccer 2010 grand final, no problems. I will honour this offer for the forseeable future. We love you to win here at!

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