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Sometimes, we gamblers go out of control and lose our discipline. I call that going on “tilt” – named after that little sign that shows on a pinball machine when you hit it in frustration, and then lose your game. Going on tilt is common, and dangerous to gamblers. A sure sign that you’re on tilt is when you start betting on anything and everything, and you’re not really even thinking about what you’re doing.

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Why do we go on tilt? Often it’s due to emotional reasons. We begin to feel angry when we play. We’re tired and irritable. Our number on roulette doesn’t show for 20 spins, and then just when we stop backing it, the number spins up – making us brassed off. Whatever the cause, the correct course of action is to stop betting immediately. Take a break, walk out the door of the casino, or move away from the computer screen (if betting online). Otherwise things will go from bad to worse. Admitting to yourself that you’re “on tilt” and walking away can be the difference between an average gambling session (with a modest win or loss), and a catastrophic gambling session which reduces your bankroll and your self-esteem simultaneously.

Additionally, you should never gamble when you’re drunk, and never gamble when you’re too tired. Both of these events lead to bad decisions being made. And in gambling, bad decisions cost cash!

Enjoy your gambling experiences, and stay “in the zone” rather than “on tilt” to win.

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