Gambling Terms Glossary

Here at How to Beat The Casinos, we’re all about educating players on how best to play against large land-based casino corporations and online casinos, and win. Casino games are not typically difficult to play, and in face they’re deliberately designed to appear easy to interact with. But that said, there’s a lot of terminology used with casinos, that can be hard to understand for new casino players. I’ve undertaken some research on popular casino terms to create the Gambling Terms Glossary below. Feel free to provide feedback about this glossary, and let me know of any other casino terms you’d like featured here also. How to Beat the Casinos is here to help!

Casino and Other Gambling Terms Glossary
Action (or Casino Action): Every time you place a bet on the casino floor, whether on table games, slots or something else, you’re getting casino action.
Aggregate (or payout) Limit: This is the maximum amount the casino will pay out on any hand or spin of a casino game.
Aggregate (or payout) Winnings: Winnings is the amount paid out by the casino on any bet, less the original stake.
All or Nothing: refers to a bet where the payout occurs only when ALL conditions are satisfied. An example would be a Keno ticket where the payout occurs only when ALL picked numbers are drawn or alternatively, when NONE of the picked numbers are revealed.
Automat(ic) Club / Videomat Casino: A club or arcade when casino games are offered in automatic machine form, so dealers aren’t required to deal the games. Slot machine games, electronic horse racing, and electronic craps and pai gow are games typically featured in these arcades.
Bankroll: This explains the total funds you have available to support your betting action. From my experience, NEVER gamble without a sufficient bankroll to reduce the chance of risk of ruin.
Barber Pole: When you have a stack of casino chips with more than one denomination or colour, this is referred to as a Barber Pole. Let’s hope your chip stack is full of high value denomination chips!
Wagering Limits: place by the casino, the minimal and maximum cash that players may wager.
Dollar: lingo for a $100 wager.
Buyin: cash before playing casino games converted to casino chips.
Cage: refers to the positioning of the favorable casino cashiers.
Limiting: cheating in the tables once the game round has started by placing added chips in addition to the first wager.
Card Sharp: skilled card player, located at the cash games like blackjack, poker and baccarat.
Carpeting Joints: casino terms.
Cashier’s Cage: term for casino cash place in which you redeem your chips. You see frequently.
Casino Advantage: casino or house edge when playing with the games, typically reported as a percent. Example: the casino edge for double-zero roulette is 5.26%.
Chase: casino players will try to get back cash with added stakes after losing.
Cheques: the historical, right term.
Processors: round cds with colours which are played instead of actual cash as well as designated currency denominations. Clear suggestion here–they’re actual cash!
Processor Tray: holds the processors stock set nearby the dealer–another instance of cash that is actual.
Coattail: jargon for using the exact same betting strategy/techniques as a winning player expecting for same results.
Comp: as in points or freebie, all these are the dining, drink, hotel rooms and advantages received by casino players predicated on time and their wagering . See listing for a number of properties of US Mega team cards under letter U in this casino terms glossary.
Credits: 1 credit is equivalent to 1 cash unit. Example: 1= 1 or a quarter =a dollar.
Crossfire: the dealers chatting it up before those about everything but the live game.
Dime: for wagering $1,000. casino jargon
Dirty Money: the losing wagers collected by the dealer.
Discard Tray: term for the tray set on the right of the dealer where the played cards or discards are piled. Game examples are Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker.
Double or Nothing: wager that pays out the first stake or even money.
Down to the Felt: burst or broke in casino conditions.
Drop: sum of cash lost casinos or by players.
Drop Box: found at a gaming table, it holds mark, all cash and chips.
Advantage: edge over alternative player or the casino.
Eighty-Six 86 or: you’re outta there, man. Casino rules permit the ejection and eviction of gamblers that are unwanted.
Eye in the Sky: observes the activity as the casino staff surveys the flooring.
Face Cards: casino jargon for jacks, queens or kings.
Firing: for gambling big sums at cash games casino lingo.
Level Betting: a system wherein the player bets the same amount every time, neither raising nor lowering of wagering. Not known as a sensible strategy.
Flea: irritating player who has high expectations for advantages and casino comps while not deserved.
Foreign: these are cheques from a different casino.
Front Money: cash/checks deposited to build credit for play.
Grind: this term is used for playing outside it on a consistent basis in the tables. This player is ‘grinding’ out stakes that are planned predicated on learned odds of the game.
Handicapper: player who does the research ahead to make stakes that are educated. This data contains news, numbers, weather and harms at sportsbetting.
Handle: overall amount of money wager at cash games.
Hold: gambling cash which are put in the designated gaming table slots. The dollar value is usually stated as a percent.
Honeymoon Period: also called Winning Phase or Beginners Luck, this term refers to those players who start their casino encounter with a winning streak.
House: refers to the place, be it a casino property, internet site or bingo hall where casino games are played. The owners/operators are also called the House.
House Edge: refers to the casino edge on slot machines and table games, typically enhanced by paying less in relation to the chances.
Jackpot: a big time win, frequently at progressive slot machines.
Junket: casino comp excursions usually for cardholders and VIP players. Typically contain air, hotel, dining
Amusement and other conveniences that are free. Pay and players in turn consent to play a minimal down payment ahead of time to the sponsoring casino.
Setting or Taking Odds: setting likelihood can result if chances are favorable in receiving less than the sum stake. When initially gambling less in relation to the winning payout received, taking the likelihood happens.
Layout: shown at table games where wager descriptions are printed on the felt or fabric.
Load up: casino lingo for playing maximum coins/whirl at video poker or slots.
Mark: player IOU for gambling/wagering in the cash games accepted by the casino.
Martingale: a wagering system. Not recommended.
Maximum Bet: greatest permitted wager at table games or maximum coins/whirl at slots.
Net Winnings: overall payout minus your wagers set.
Nickel: for wagering $500 casino jargon. at cash games.
Chances: as dependent on the casino, generally computed as a % chance of a player win.
On Tilt: in casino terms refers to player(s) responding to a losing wager with crazy play later.
Overlay: casino lingo for a player edge stake.
Settlement: cash received by a player following the triumph.
Payback or payout %: based on video poker machine or a slot, it’s the programmed result established by deducting the casino edge.
Pips: clubs, the spades, hearts and diamonds located on a deck of cards. Jacks, the kings and queens certainly are pretty, but the only ace gets the very best prize, do not you concur?
Pit: the middle region is reserved for casino workers handling the games along with table games are grouped in this region of the casino.
Ploppy: casino lingo for a newer player who’s unsound strategy nor making choices that are right, yet isn’t about what they need to do above training other players.
Press a Bet: upping your stake after a winning bet, a wager that is recommended with added funds.
Progress Betting: altering or adding stakes as play continues.
Racinos: casino and horse racing under one roof where play games, the expression contains horsing around.
His goal might be to ‘lift’ chips from other non-guessing players.
Rated: casino approximation of bankroll and a player’s ability level used to discover comp worth.
Rathole: a player who puts chips away during play to provide the look that he or she isn’t ahead of the game.
RFB: greatest comp worth which includes free room, food and drinks while playing cash games.
Sawdust Joint: name used for a not too refined casino offering slot and low table gambling minimums. Yes, it is a dump, but you can play affordable!
Scamdicapper: casino player with outlandish claims about game expectancies and win percentages.
Session: time spent playing with casino games.
Shill: describes a casino worker who plays company to be garnered by the tables for the casino.
Single or Straight-Up Bet: term for one wager at 1 game. Example: unique amount at Roulette, just like the amount 29 -up.
Skin or Skoon: jargon for one dollar.
Sleeper: a lost table wager initially wagered by the player.
Soft Count Room: lingo for place for soft counting.
Slot Club Card Member: cardholders who collect points for comps to contain meals, cash and presents rooms or special promotions. Most casinos additionally comp table game players. See listing for a number of properties of US Mega club cards under letter U. Congrats to you personally.
Run Betting: term of wagering, also called progressive gaming, that’s based on preceding wins or losses for system. For the following round, the player grows or decreases his or her stakes.
Stripping or Card Stripping: for shuffling that turns around the consecutive arrangement of the cards in the deck term.
Table Hold: period for value of cash won by players for an 8 hour shift at a casino table game.
Tom: on the flip side, is a non-tipper.
There are poker, slots, video craps, blackjack and poker tournaments off and also online. Tournaments is definitely the most famous promotion and are continuing in many casinos. Prize money is generally doled out among most of the players while there’s one winner left standing at the end of the contest.
Underlay: casino lingo for a poor wager.
While, a playing chip might be accessible in $5, $1 or $100, denominations, the casino establishes this same chip as one gaming unit.
Casino players may use their cards at all participating properties to collect points.
Vigorish: the fee/percentage paid during special wagers in the games of baccarat, craps and/or sportsbook of the casino.
VIP: casino jargon for person that is important.
Wager: refers to gambling or any wager.
Whale: player who is a VIP to the casinos and wagers quite big.
White Meat: casino lingo for gain that is gambling.
Withdrawal: term for a player requesting that he/she receive cash from their account.