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How To Beat The Casinos How To Beat The Casinos

I published an article recently called Current Online Casino Promos – pointing out some of the current casino promotions available online. Bear in mind that I never promote any casino I’ve not personally played at, won at, had quick payments from etc. For me, credibility in gambling is highly important – I would NEVER EVER EVER recommend any casino that had ripped me off, hassled me, caused me stress, or offered me lousy service. So if you do play at any of the sites I recommend (they’re all featured in my right hand navigation menu on the site at any time), you can rest assured that from a “professional gambler’s” perspective, they check out and offer good value.

I’ll always try to be responsive to comments / feedback left – it’s only through this feedback and private emails that I know your thoughts about the blog! So feel free to read through the various articles on this site, and leave your own thoughts. 🙂

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