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If you’re like me, you’re not only a gambler, but also someone who enjoys the entertainment side of casinos. That means you like to see those big stage performances from the headline entertainers like Elton John, Celine Dion, and Olivia Newton John. Or perhaps you enjoy seeing theatre shows like Phantom of the Opera: The Spectacular at the Venetian, or Blue Man Group, or Mamma Mia at New York New York Casino. Or maybe there’s a big boxing match in town, or an NBA final, or Miss America pageant happening.

The problem with being a gambler, and vacationing in gambling destinations, is that we’re not always in one spot for a long period of time. For example, it may be that you’re only in a certain casino destination like Las Vegas, or Reno, or Macau, or Atlantic City, or Biloxi, or Monte Carlo, or London for a few days – either on business, or for personal leisure. All of these destinations offer world class entertainment – and some shows you’ve just got to see!

Some shows are on year round, but others are “once in a lifetime events”. And if you’re unlucky, the show you want to see could be “full” during the time of your visit.

As a successful gambler, I’ve always believed that we make our own luck. And I also believe that we should have the right to see whatever casino-based entertainment we want, when we want it. So, how do you find your way into a “full” show, without using a casino VIP host? How do you get better tickets than “general admission”? How do you find returned tickets hours / days before the show for previously sold out events?

I’ve found a few websites that might be able to help. Both are ticket sellers / brokers of sorts – and both have reasonable prices. Both cover ALL USA Events (sports, theatre, casinos, headliners, concerts etc).

The two sites are as follows: PurchaseTix Event Tickets – carries a wide range of tickets, with a particular strong point being Las Vegas shows and Broadway shows; and the other is WebTicketStore Event Tickets – carries a full USA range of events including major music concerts – and is pretty good at getting tickets for hard-to-get-ticket events. If you follow the link to WebTicketStore Event Tickets from this blog, and use “fedex” as a coupon code, you’ll get your tickets FedExed to you at no charge.

Let me know how you get on tracking down your tickets. With new year in Las Vegas so close, for example, these sites could be a lifeline to see the shows you want!

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