How to play Caribbean Stud Poker

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Caribbean Stud Poker is played with one deck of playing cards. The object of the game is to get a better hand of 5 cards than the dealer. You can play this great game at Virgin Casino, Betfair Casino.

Caribbean Stud Poker has the added excitement of a progressive jackpot. For $1, you have the chance to win jackpots. The jackpots vary depending on the hand you get. Typically, the jackpot reset value might be $50,000 or $100,000 for a Royal flush – and the jackpot continues to grow from there until it is struck. Each casino’s jackpot will differ at any given time.

How To Play Caribbean Stud Poker – The Basics
1. Place your ante in the ante box and $1 in the jackpot slot if you would like to play the Progressive Jackpot.

2. The cards will be shuffled and 5 cards dealt face down to each player and the Dealer. One of the Dealer’s cards will be dealt face up.

3. The dealer will hand out the cards to the Players, and ask you to check your cards.

4. You may then pick up your cards and look at them. Be sure not to let any of the other players see your hand. Players may not discuss the contents of their hands until the completion of the round. Put your cards back down when you have finished looking at them.

5. To stay in the round, place a bet of exactly double your ante in the bet box. However, if you don’t wish to stay in the round, you may fold. If you fold, you forfeit your ante and $1 jackpot bet and your involvement in the hand is over.

6. When everyone has decided to bet or fold, the Dealer will turn their own cards over and check to see if they qualify with an “Ace / King” or higher. If they don’t qualify then the Dealer will pay everyone’s ante (bets do not get paid). If you have a Progrssive Jackpot winning hand, you need to expose your cards now for the Dealer to see in order to be paid out.

7. If the Dealer qualifies, then the Dealer will pay all the winning antes and bets and take away all the losing bets.

8. When the dealer has finished paying out you may place a new ante and jackpot bet.

Winning Hands in Caribbean Stud Poker
The winning hands in Caribbean Stud Poker are the same as in draw poker. The rankings are shown in the image below (please note however that hand 10, High Card, is replaced in Caribbean Stud Poker by Ace / King minimum – as the dealer “does not play” unless they have an Ace/King or better):

The basic hand payouts for Caribbean Stud Poker are as follows (some differences on the higher jackpots may occur from casino to casino):

ROYAL FLUSH: 100% of Jackpot (if jackpot side bet taken) or $10,000 (whichever is larger)
STRAIGHT FLUSH: 10% of Jackpot (if jackpot side bet taken) or $1,000 (whichever is larger)
FOUR OF A KIND: 20 to 1, or $500 (if jackpot side bet taken)
FULL HOUSE: 7 to 1, or $150 (if jackpot side bet taken)
FLUSH: 5 to 1, or $100 (if jackpot side bet taken)
STRAIGHT: 4 to 1
TWO PAIRS: 2 to 1
ONE PAIR: 1 to 1
ACE / KING: 1 to 1

All winning ANTE bets are paid even money (1 to 1). All tables normally have a maximum payout. Progressive jackpots are paid whether or not the Dealer qualifies.

Casino Barred’s Advice
Always raise with a pair or higher. Always fold with less than ace/king. Raise on ace/king if any of the following three rules apply.

Rule 1: Raise if the dealer’s card is a 2 through queen and matches one of yours.
Rule 2: Raise if the dealer’s card is an ace or king and you have a queen or jack in your hand.
Rule 3: Raise if the dealer’s rank does not match any of yours and you have a queen in your hand and the dealer’s card is less than your fourth highest card.

Avoid the side “jackpot” bet unless the meter is at least $250,000 for a Royal Flush – and even then, proceed with caution… The true odds of getting a Royal Flush are 650,000 to 1! By following these rules, you’ll reduce the typical 5% house edge to around 2.5%. Play this game at a reputable online casino such as Virgin Casino, Betfair Casino.

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