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Keno is a great game to play occasionally. In Chinese, Keno means “lucky lottery”. It’s a long odds game, so most players only play it from time to time, perhaps when they’re feeling particularly lucky. The top prize can be as high as $500,000 (or pounds, or euros etc) – that’s normally when at least 10 numbers are picked and hit, with 10 credits bet. Who knows, maybe today will be your lucky day!

I enjoy the variety of Keno games offered at Virgin Casino. There’s King Keno, Krazy Keno, and Bingo Keno.

King Keno
This simple lottery-style game is one of the most popular games on the Vegas strip – choose up to 10 numbers from the grid of 1 to 80. 20 numbers are drawn from the drum. The more numbers that match your chosen numbers, the higher your payout! As Keno numbers are randomly drawn from the drum, they are marked on the Keno board. With each matching number, you’ll see your payout level indicated in the pay table on the right-hand side of the screen. The more numbers drawn that match the numbers you have selected, the greater your payout will be! Play King Keno now at Virgin Casino!

Krazy Keno Superball
To start, choose 2 to 10 numbered spots by clicking on them. Then, just click the Bet 1 button, to bet from 1 to 4 credits, and then click the Play button. If you have enough credits, you can click the Bet Max button to bet 4 credits, and automatically start the game. Or, just click the Play button to rebet the same amount you bet last game, and start the game.

Twenty Keno balls will drop from the hopper and land on the number board. Any outcomes that match your selected numbers will be highlighted. If you wager 4 credits, you’ll have a chance at activating the Bonus Ball feature, and possibly doubling your award!

When 4 credits are bet, the next ball in the tube at the top of the screen will be added to the hopper. If that ball is a Bonus Ball (marked with a star), it will be one of the twenty balls launched in that proposition. If you earn an award in the proposition, it will be doubled if your winning numbers include the number hit by the Bonus Ball. Play Krazy Keno Superball now at Virgin Casino!

Bingo Keno
Bingo is a game in which you choose to wager on randomly-configured bingo card of 15 numbers. In Bingo Keno, twenty numbered Bingo balls are presented, and your outcome is based on the number of matches that occur between your randomly-configured bingo card and the presented numbers.

You do not have the control of picking individual numbers, but you can pick an entire card of randomly-generated numbers by clicking the NEW CARD button. You can continue to play the same card over and over, or you can choose to change the card by clicking the NEW CARD button again. This allows you to continue to change the card until you see one that you would like to wager on.

After you have selected your Bingo card and have placed your wager, click the PLAY button to initiate the proposition. The playfield paytable lists the awards, if any, for matches of 1 out of 15, to 15 out of 15, based on the current wager amount. This paytable updates dynamically as you increase or decrease your bet. Play Bingo Keno now at Virgin Casino!

Keno is fun and offers the chance of a high payout for a low relative stake. Note however that this is a game which should be played occasionally – and not all the time. Generally, you’re better off playing a slot machine or table game. Have fun visiting Virgin Casino. And remember that Virgin Casino have a free-play option also, so that you can practice before playing with any real money (available on ALL of their games, except for the progressive slot machines).

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