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If you found yesterday’s blog post about Live Dealer Roulette etc at Coral Games interesting, then you might well enjoy this post also. In an effort to provide guidance about the various game types you can find online, I’ve been doing further research. UK players can play Live Roulette and Live Blackjack, and watch the actual spins and card turns on their SKY TV (channels 866 and 867), via

Joining via the Internet is easy, and you can get a startup matchplay bonus of up to 100GBP. Use the banner below to join ““. Debit and credit cards are welcomed. You don’t have to be a UK SKY TV subscriber – as you can watch the live video stream on the Internet as the games are being played.

Join Live Roulette now - up to 100GBP free

So, what can you expect to see when you’re playing, and how does this differ to Coral’s Live Dealer games? In Coral’s Live Dealer Roulette you’ll see your chips on the layout but no-one elses. In the LiveRoulette version, the video feed will show all chips on the layout and your login name will appear on those you’ve placed.

In Coral’s Live Dealer Blackjack you can only bet on one hand of blackjack at a time. In the LiveRoulette version you can bet on up to three hands. Three hands are dealt whether you bet on them or not.

Games are played every 2 to 3 minutes on average, always live, always on TV. It’s fun to play this way, and it offers a novel alternative to electronic-only casinos. That said, LiveRoulette does also offer slots, and other electronic games. Importantly, LiveRoulette, operated by Netplay TV PLC, is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission – so you know that the gameplay is fair, and that your money is safe.

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