Mohegan Sun Expands Again

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Despite apparent downturns in many economies of the world, one of the more notable being in the USA, it seems that casinos are still doing well, and that they’re still willing to invest for the future. I guess that makes sense – after all, casinos very rarely lose money (unless they have a particularly unlucky run with large whale punters, or unless they encourage their players to go elsewhere by having lousy cashback / promotions / freebies / service etc – and are in a competitive environment like Las Vegas / Reno / Atlantic City).

Possibly to compete with the MGM at Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun are due to open their new Casino of the Wind on August 29th. According to the official releases on their website (, the Casino of the Wind will add 45,000 square foot of new gaming space, 650 new slot machines, 28 table games, and 42 poker tables. That’s an ambitious development when things are supposedly “in a downturn”. I’m guessing then that Mohegan Sun’s profits must still be good. Maybe that’s true of the whole USA casino industry – I guess only time will tell. I’ve had lots of freebie comp room offers via email lately, which implies to me that things are slow for some US casinos (i.e. mainly from Las Vegas based casinos) – but perhaps its a temporary glitch.

In any case, players lucky enough to live in USA look to be in for a treat with the Mohegan Sun expansion. I’ve taken screenshots of a few of the new areas that are being developed (artists impressions) – visit the Mohegan Sun website for more.

Mohegan Sun Poker Room – Casino of the Wind

Mohegan Sun Poker Room - Casino of the Wind
Mohegan Sun Video Bar – Casino of the Wind

Mohegan Sun Video Bar - Casino of the Wind
If you do live in the USA, drop me a line if you visit and let me know what the facilities are like first hand. I try to travel to the states once or twice a year to play – and it’s useful to know what the local playing conditions etc are like. I’m contactable, as always, at

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