Monopoly With Pass Go Bonus

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Monopoly, the world’s best-loved board game is now an online slot game. It has great 9-line action (with 5 credit maximum bet on each) and 2 fantastic Bonus features – the Community Chest Instant Bonus or the Pass “GO” Bonus, where you can really cash in. In the Pass “GO” Bonus, Property Deeds, Free Parking, Chance, “GO” and Jail up to rich rewards. Monopoly with Pass “GO” Bonus lets you taste the high life.

Get the Instant Bonus symbol in any position on the last three reels and earn the Community Chest Instant Bonus. Click one of the animating Instant Bonus symbols to reveal your Bonus Multiplier. Your Instant Bonus award is calculated by multiplying your total bet times the multiplier value that you revealed.

You can earn the Pass “GO” Bonus by getting three Bonus Dice symbols on a payline on which you have bet. When you trigger the Pass “GO” Bonus, select one of the three animating Bonus Dice symbols to determine how many times you may roll the dice in the bonus round. Each Bonus Dice symbol reveals a different number of dice rolls, ranging from 1 to 6.

After the number of rolls is revealed, you go to the Monopoly Bonus board, where you roll the dice to collect bonus winnings. You start the bonus with an award of 10. Each time your game piece lands on a deed, you add the award value associated with the deed to your award. When you round the board and pass “GO”, the deed awards on the board grow. The first time you pass“GO” the deed awards are doubled. After passing “GO” twice or more, the deed awards are tripled.

If your game piece lands on Chance, your game piece will advance to another spot on the board, selected completely at random. If your game piece stops on the Free Parking spot, you will be all the richer for it. The parking meter will randomly select an award value, and it will be added to your award.

In addition to the awards that you accumulate, there are two special spots, “GO” and Jail, that can earn you even more cash! If you land on “GO”, you earn a 2x Bonus Multiplier, which multiplies your entire bonus total. If you land in Jail, you are taken to the Jail Bonus, where you can earn a Bonus Multiplier if you roll doubles within three tries. The sooner you roll doubles, (both die values the same), the larger your Bonus Multiplier. You have three chances: if you roll doubles on the first roll you earn a 5x multiplier, if you roll doubles on the second roll you earn a 3x multiplier, and if you roll doubles on your last roll you earn a 2x multiplier. If you do not roll doubles within 3 tries, the Jail Bonus ends without adding a Bonus Multiplier. If you land on either “GO” or Jail more than once and earn a bonus, your Bonus Multipliers are added together.

At the end of your bonus round, your Total Bonus Award is calculated by multiplying the bet on the payline that triggered the bonus, times the sum of all of the awards that you accumulated, times the total of any Bonus Multipliers you earned.

Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus slot machine is an enjoyable game, with low to medium volatility. It’s pretty easy to get the bonus on this game, so a medium sized bankroll will suffice for most playing sessions. Live the high life now at Virgin Casino!

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