Online casinos accepting US players?

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As you’ll no doubt appreciate, this blog attracts readers from around the world – welcome one and all to the best FREE place to find lots of information to help you beat the casinos – regardless of where you live!

As I’m aware that around 20% of the current site audience is from the USA, I thought I’d try to help you guys out and find some reputable casinos still accepting US players. Well, that was the intention. My findings: very few casinos will accept players from the USA (or Hong Kong, or Turkey) these days – and those that do don’t always appear 100% up-front or reliable (to me at least – having read reports from players experiencing payment difficulties on other well regarded websites like

I’ll continue to look for REPUTABLE (and that’s the key) casinos online that will accept US players, and I’ll report back on what I find. In the meantime, if you’re one of my US readers and currently use a US accepting online casino with NO PROBLEMS / ISSUES / PAYMENT DELAYS, do let me know, and I’ll share the information with other readers of this blog.

I’m also interested to know how you’re getting on with the various alternative payment systems like Neteller / PayPal etc… let me know!

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