Pirates Plunder Slot Machine at 888 Games

Pirates Plunder Slot Machine at 888 Games

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Prepare for battle! The pirates are hitting shore and they’re in search of a treasure that they will not be denied. The swashbucklers and sword wielding heroes of several hundred years ago have docked in the harbour to take what is theirs, drink merrily, and carry about their hooligan ways. But will they find the treasure? That’s up to you.

In this pirate themed video slot machine from 888 Games, you are a stumbling, drunken pirate on the prowl for jewels and gold that far exceed the value of your current pocket. Your game play experience will involve all of the classic pirate symbols from traditional lore, meaning you will have a skull, a treasure chest, a jeweled cross, two swords crossing each other, an 1800’s style pistol, a dusty bottle of rum, a pirate’s hook, a pint of beer, and the pineapple, coconut, and bunch of bananas.

In the Pirates Plunder Slot Machine, the pirate flag represents the wild symbol. As the wild symbol, the pirate flag will appropriately substitute for any other symbol on the board except for the scatter symbol, and it will also multiply your winnings by two on that pay line. The steering mechanism, otherwise referred to as the ship’s helm, will act as the scatter symbol for Pirates Plunder. As a scatter, whenever two or more of the symbol appear on a given board, you will get to activate the free spin bonus round games for Pirates Plunder. During your free spins, you will get more scatter symbols on your board than normal, making the chances of re-triggering very likely.

You will only get a set amount of free spins, so the fact that the Pirates Plunder casino slot machine drastically increases your odds of landing another round of free spins makes up for the fact that you only win somewhere between 2 and 20 free spins initially. Certain symbols are going to pay out more than others, such as the jewels or the treasure chest, but everything is something that requires an eye be kept on it. In this fascinating pirate themed game, your fortunes can change in a second depending on the luck of a spin.

The Pirates Plunder Slot Machine is revitalizing the view of pirates as lovable outcasts regaining the wealth from the upper class through treasure seeking and reckless abandonment. If you feel like letting your flag fly tonight, you can head over to 888 Games and give Pirates Plunder a try for yourself.

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