Poker Fives at 888 Games

Poker Fives at 888 Games

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As we get more and more comfortable with the game of poker, we are beginning to stretch out into different forms of the game to satisfy people who crave something different from the malleable card game. Poker Fives is one of those games, and it certainly brings an interesting twist to the classic card game of poker. Over at 888 Games, people are playing a game where they don’t have to have a higher hand than other players or a dealer. They are simply placing their bets on some sort of winning hand.

You begin playing Poker Fives by sitting down at the table and being dealt five cards from a 52 card deck, all of which are facing down. Before you choose to flip the cards over, you need to place your bets. The fun part of Poker Fives that you don’t get with standard poker is the fact that you can bet on a multitude of options, not just pairs, triples, quads, full houses, flushes, or straights. In your betting area on the screen, you will see options to bet on standard poker plays, but you can also place bets on high or low, red or black, picture cards, or suit cards.

Betting on high or low refers to placing a bet on whether or not you believe the first card in the hand will be of a higher or lower value than the last card in the hand. Your odds are good, and it’s an easy bet to make to earn some extra money on top of your bet. For Red/Black, you can bet what you predict the ratio of red to black cards will be, with different payouts for each result. If you accurately predict a flush, you can win 36 times your initial bet! You can also bet on the number of face cards you think will flip over. If you accurately predict five face cards to flip over, you will win a massive jackpot of 3200 times your bet. Then you can bet on how many cards of one particular suit you think will hit the table.

With all of these fun betting options, you can easily spend hours at 888 Games finding different ways to bet and succeed. Along with betting on classic poker plays such as three-of-a-kinds, full houses, and straights, you can bet on all of the other factors at play that aren’t even thought of during a regular game of poker. Poker Fives really breaks down all of the elements of poker and gives you the chance to bet on each of them individually or collectively.

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