Reel Rush Slot Machine Redbet Casino

Reel Rush Slot Machine at Redbet Casino

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Reel Rush is a video slot machine by Redbet Casino that is unique in the industry, and has been since Net Entertainment put it out. It is a 5 reel slot game, with different rows available on different reels, essentially giving it a diamond shape board that you will be playing on. The background scenery is in the theme of a video game style setting, where you have different, plain colors of blue skies and green trees with basic geometric shape to them. Meanwhile, the music lends the experience a video game feel that will take you back to your childhood, with glitch noises, beeps, boops, and Mario-style noises.

All of the symbols on the board are square shaped fruits, such as pineapples, strawberries, lemons, and grapes, as well as colored ovals that are worth less points. When you get a winning combination on the board, you will get a free re-spin. During the free re-spin, portions of the board that were previously closed off open up, which gives you more winning opportunities. If you hit another winning combination on your free re-spin, you get another free re-spin with even more spots opened up for symbols to fall into. If you keep hitting a winning combination on your free re-spins, you can continue to do this with more and more of the board becoming available while your pocket gets fatter and fatter.

Reel Rush Slot Machine at Redbet Casino

Reel Rush Slot Machine at Redbet Casino

After your fifth free re-spin, you will get 8 free spins to make. The fact that more and more of the board opens up during your winning re-spins means that the odds of wining big on free spins is very likely, and provides a thrill that few other video slot machines can match. We guarantee that the first time you hit a hot streak during your free re-spins, you won’t sleep that night from excitement.

In addition, there is a wild symbol that appears randomly, and it can be used to substitute any other symbol on the board. Essentially, the game is set up to provide high money stakes thrills using a minimalist presentation and unique game play factors. The simplicity of the game is one of its best features, as there aren’t a lot of rules to learn and all you need to be concerned with is completing winning combinations. With the wilds showing up on the board to complete winning pay lines and free re-spins giving you more board room to play with, you’ll find that this is one of the few slot machines that is truly on your side. Play the Reel Rush Slot Machine now at Redbet Casino.

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