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Yes, you’ve read correctly. It is in fact possible to play ROULETTE with NO HOUSE EDGE online. How? With one of my favourite online casinos, Betfair.

Betfair are the ONLY casino online that I’m aware of, that offer roulette with NO ZERO on the wheel. This means that you can play roulette at TRUE ODDS. If you hit a single number you get 35 to 1 – but as there are only 36 numbers on the wheel and no zero, this is TRUE ODDS. If you hit red or black you get 1 to 1 – and this a truly EVEN chance. For roulette players everywhere, this is a breakthrough, and well worth shouting about (and playing)! It’s the fairest casino game you’ll ever find!

I’ve played with Betfair (casino and sportsbook and exchange games) for about 4 years now, and they’ve always been incredibly professional, and very fast to pay. They’re ideal for UK players especially – taking UK debit cards etc for payment with NO charge for accepting them. Some casinos I’ve used (i.e. do charge (at time of writing), often up to 1.5% commission. Betfair is a market leader and I’ve NEVER ever had a single payment / game problem with them. Betfair have an impressive head office in Hammersmith, London. I believe these guys are here to stay – it’s no “fly by night” operation (from my own personal experience of many years).

So, are there any limitations to this zero house edge roulette game? Only this: the minimum bet on a straight up number is 2GBP, and the maximum you can bet on the table at any time is 50GBP. So if you like to play numbers “straight up” you can only bet on 25 of them at a time. Of course if you play splits / dozens / columns / corners or other combinations, then this maximum bet doesn’t really affect things – i.e. you could play 18 splits at 2GBP each for a total of 36GBP – and NEVER LOSE! However I’ve included a screenshot from the game so that you can see the table limits etc…

Here’s a picture of the Betfair roulette in action:

Here’s a further picture with the table limits shown:

Maybe you’re a current player of the William Hill ItBox FOBT (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals), or the Betfred ItBox FOBT (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals), or the Ladbrokes roulette machines, or the Tote Global Draw roulette machines. Perhaps you play live roulette in a real casino like a Gala Casino, Hard Rock Casino, Stanleys Casino, London Clubs casino, Ladbrokes Paddington Casino, Grosvenor Casino. All of these places provide unique atmospheres and environments in which to play your favourite casino game (roulette) – but none that I’m aware of give you the chance to play roulette with ZERO HOUSE EDGE like Betfair do. If you’re not yet playing online, and want a safe and reputable casino to start with, then Betfair are a site I’m personally happy to recommend.

So, why do Betfair offer roulette with no house edge? Simply, this is about making their brand stand out as unique, and offering fantastic value for money. Betfair also offer other casino games which do have some house edge (slots, roulette, blackjack etc) and also offer great person-to-person betting which has a commission attached to winning bets. Clearly then Betfair hope that you’ll become a long term and loyal player and occasionally play games other than the zero house edge games (Zero Blackjack, Zero Roulette, Zero Baccarat, Zero Jacks or Better (video poker)). But you of course are always in control, and you alone can decide which games you play.

For new members of Betfair Casino, Betfair offer a 50GBP match play offer with fairly lightweight playing restrictions. You’ve got a really good chance to win (again from my own personal experience – and yes, I DID win on this offer!).

I wish you all the very best of luck with Betfair, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing the only roulette game I know of online with zero house edge!

Please do let me know your thoughts, and how you get on. And remember, if you have any questions about anything you read on this blog, I’m here to help. 🙂

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