Should I Surrender My Hand?

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It’s not uncommon to get “stiff hands” in Blackjack like 15 or 16. In fact, that probably happens about 30-40% of the time. Some casinos will give you the option to surrender your hand, losing half your bet. Should you do it? That all depends on the circumstances, and most importantly, the dealer’s up card.

Normally, being a macho male, I don’t like surrendering at anything. Surrendering means “I give up”, “I throw in the towel”, “I don’t want to try any more” – and all of these thoughts are against my nature. And, to my mind, surrendering is not something you want to get in the habit of doing everytime you see a good dealer upcard – as it will cost you money.

The only times that I will surrender my hand are when I have a 15 or 16 only, and the dealer has a 10 or an Ace showing (assuming the casino allows surrender against an Ace – some don’t). On these combinations only, it is better to surrender than to hit… potentially saving you some cash. Yes, even though I hate surrendering, it’s better to lose half on a bad hand than to lose it all.

Read the plaque on the casino blackjack table to find out whether or not your casino offers surrender – or ask the dealer. Most online casinos clearly state in their game rules / plaques if surrender is available.

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