Slotblox Slot Machine at 888 Games

Slotblox Slot Machine at 888 Games

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Slotblox is gaining popularity fast in the world of online slot games, since it plays off of the success and love for Tetris. You don’t have to be a Tetris master to play the Slotblox Slot Machine, though. Slotblox is unique in the world of online slot machines because you don’t actually play with reels and rows the way you normally would for a video slot machine. Instead, your goal is the same as it is in Tetris – you are trying to clear the falling tiles and make room for more to win. Bets are not made on pay lines, instead you place a wager on how much you want to gamble before all of the pieces fall. There is a multiplier that gives out winnings based upon the kind of tile clears you get.

A single line clearing, for example, will earn you smaller amounts, but since the pieces keep clearing when they fall you can start earning more and more. When the tiles line up and clear a double, you’ll earn even more. Triples and quadruples clear from time to time (more frequently than you would think), and can earn you some serious multipliers. The best way to win big in this game is to bet high and land triple and quadruple clearings, bringing in more tiles to clear even more doubles and triples. The maximum multiplier you can get is 800,000, which happens when you bet the maximum and clear four quadruples in one shot.

Considering most people played Tetris when they were bored at work, this is a much better alternative. Slotblox Slot Machine is as popular as it is because it is a new breed of slot machine, blending Tetris with big winnings and an utter simplicity that sets it apart from all of the other thematic slot machines with all of the unnecessary bells and whistles. There are no wilds or scatters, but there is a bonus feature that is activated when you clear a row with a Magic Block in it. The bonus features gives you 10 free spins, where you get to use a double multiplier to really pull in some serious coin. Landing quadruple clears during your free spins is how you can really separate from the pack in this game – and win significant money in the process.

Head over to 888 Games to give the Slotblox Slot Machine a shot. Once you see the winnings, you’ll be thankful you chose to play Slotbox at the best online casino, 888 Games.

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