Some Basic Craps Tips

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Here are a few quick tips about Craps, that might prove helpful when you play:

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1) Craps is a great casino game, that offers some of the lowest house edges on bets when played correctly – however, it also offers some high-edge bets too (so be careful!)

2) Place as many odds bets as you can (these pay true odds), especially if the casino will allow you to double your stake (or more). In many Las Vegas area games its not uncommon to see bettors allowed to have 3x or even 5x odds on numbers, or 10x or 100x odds on the pass line.

3) Avoid the “Any Seven” bet at 4/1 at all costs. It’s one of the worst bets in the entire casino, as it has a massive 16.7% edge against the player.

4) Avoid the one-roll proposition bets. They have house edges of 13.9% (2 or 12), and 11.1% (3 or 11).

5) Avoid the “Any Craps” bet at 7/1 – with true odds of 8 to 1 this bet also has a house edge of 11.1%.

6) Avoid the hardways (i.e. hard 6, hard 8). These have house edges of 9% (for the hardway 6 or 8) and 11.1% (for the hardway 4 or 10) respectively.

7) Avoid field bets. Under normal payout conditions, this set of numbers has a house edge of at least 5.26%.

8) Avoid the Big 6 and Big 8 bets. These bets are boldly shown at the corner of the craps layout, but only give even money if a 6 or 8 is thrown, rather than the true odds of 7/6. As you can bet using the 7/6 odds by taking a place bet at a 1.52% house edge, using Big 6 or Big 8 and taking a 9.09% house edge is CRAZY!

Craps is an enjoyable and fun game to play. Many online casinos offer excellent craps games, including:, Betfair Casino, Virgin Casino, Littlewoods Casino, Coral Casino, and Totesport Casino.

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