Some Basic Roulette Tips

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Here are a few quick tips about Roulette, that might prove helpful when you play:

1) The house edge on the European Roulette wheel (single zero) is 2.7%. The house edge on the American Roulette wheel (double zero) is 5.26%. Therefore, always play on the European Roulette wheel if you can.

2) The house edge on the European Roulette wheel where the En-Prison rule is in force for even money bets is just 1.35%. This is an excellent edge – but it’s very difficult to find this game variation.

3) The house edge on Betfair Casino Zero Edge Roulette is ZERO, because there is NO ZERO on the wheel. If you can play online at Betfair Casino, do so – this is the very best bet you will find for roulette online or offline! (

4) Avoid the five number bet on the American Roulette table (0, 00, 1, 2 and 3) which has the biggest house edge in Roulette (7.89%). This is the worst bet you can possibly make on any Roulette table.

5) Realise that Roulette is not a game of skill – and that it’s a game of luck. The only truly reliable strategy you can use at Roulette, on account of the house edge, is to manage your money in such a way that when you do you have a lucky streak, you are able to pick up your casino chips (real, or virtual) and walk away.

Play now: Play electronic ZERO edge roulette at Betfair, Virgin Casino,, or play live Roulette at Coral Casino. Spin to win, and stay lucky! I wish you great success when playing Roulette!

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