Space Wars Slot Machine Redbet Casino

Space Wars Slot Machine at Redbet Casino

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After all of your training and preparing for the trials of deep space conflict, you are finally ready to blast off into an extraterrestrial environment to take on the foreign dwellers of deep space in an all out war to determine who will emerge as the galactic champion. So buckle up and get your lever hand ready, as you are about to be sent to the deep reaches of space to fight in the interstellar war.

This Space Wars slot machine game even looks like an alien, as it plays with the typical 5 reels, but with 4 rows, and 40 pay lines. Space Wars Slot Machine lives up to all of its billing as a tip flight Net Entertainment game, as the well-designed visual presentation, cool music, and fun interface all come together to create a very pleasing gaming experience. Even the in-between action that signals a winning combination has a huge amount of attention paid to it for the sake of developing an excellent overall game.

Space Wars Slot Machine at Redbet Casino

Space Wars Slot Machine at Redbet Casino

The symbols you will be playing with are foreign space aliens, with green, pink, purple, orange, and blue monsters appearing as they are ready to do battle against you and your fleet. Perhaps one of the coolest parts of this game is the propensity that users have to win very big money just from a few pulls of the lever. When you pull the lever and are greeted with a Wild Symbol, it will substitute for any other symbol on the board. However, one of the benefits of Space Wars is that the Wild Symbol also multiplies the winnings you would have made from the pay line based upon how many Wild Symbols have landed on your board.

The general consensus about the Space Wars Slot Machine is that Net Entertainment has struck gold again. Everyone who has given intergalactic war a shot has claimed that the game is very easy for new players to use, is very friendly with its bet ranges for players of every financial position, and is the top of the line as far as graphics are considered. If you head over to Redbet Casino, you will be able to bet what is comfortable for you and find yourself in position for some generous winnings and extraterrestrial battlefield action the likes of which no slot machine player has ever seen before.

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