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Regular readers of this blog may know that I have “VIP” status in my local casino. I know, it’s strange. In the UK, I’m banned from entering all land-based casinos, but elsewhere in the world I’m welcomed with open arms! It is indeed a strange world we live in. In any case, having that “VIP” status locally is something I enjoy. It’s not because I’ve got some streak of vanity or need to be loved – but simply because being a “casino VIP” means that you get showered with gifts and comps, making that status truly worthwhile.

Take the weekend just gone for example. I spent my weekend as a guest of my local casino in their brand new Hotel, and on the Sunday I went to their corporate box at a local sports event (complete with gourmet buffet lunch, and unlimited beer / wine / champagne). Those sort of services / perks would have cost me about $500 if I’d had to pay out of my own pocket – but instead I paid nothing. The casino comped it all. What a life!

Do I get that sort of “gift” every weekend? No. But I probably get an equivalent experience / gift / event about once a month or so. And during the month I’m additionally spoilt with an abundance of cashable points for playing the games, and there’s always the fully open and free bar and food areas in the VIP gaming room – available 24 hrs a day to me as a VIP. That alone is worth quite a lot – especially when you consider that its acceptable to take 1-2 friends with you at a time into those rooms. A typical Friday night out for me used to cost $100 – $200 – now I can take friends to the VIP area, and get FREE drinks and food all night!

Why does the casino give these products / services away? They’re working on the “law of averages” formula. The “average” player will give the casino money in the long term. The “average VIP” player will give the casino a considerable chunk of money in the long term due to the higher game minimums. It makes sense that in order to attract a whale you need to dangle a few fish – and this is essentially what the casino is doing in order to “lure in” VIP players. That methodology works well for me – because I’m not your “average” player. I’m skilled in various games, that have, so far worked out mostly favourable for me. That means that in a given month I might take home a good chunk of cash in addition to the points / gifts / events given out by the casino. Maybe I’m lucky, maybe I’m skilled. In any case, by catering to the “law of averages”, those losing players are effectively paying for my drinks and food. And my risk of ruin is minimal.

Getting to be a VIP is easier than many people think. Some casinos and websites will tell you that in order to become a VIP you have to be a “high roller”, placing huge bets. But it’s not true. Whilst every casino is different / unique, many work to a formula which considers:

1) Average bet size
2) Length of play overall
3) Types of games you play – and your perceived skill level
4) Relationship time with the casino
5) How you “handle yourself” whilst there
6) How you interact with / treat the casino employees

How can you find out what the criteria is to be a VIP at your local casino? Normally, it’s easy enough to find out. In a land based casino, approach a pit boss (via a dealer if necessary), and ask them about the basic criteria. They’ll either help you directly, or call a VIP Host to come and talk to you about qualification. Note that some casinos may give you VIP status on a trial basis – before making you a full member. That’s pretty common when it comes to land based casino operations.

If you’re playing online, a quick email to the support email address of your online casino will normally get you the information you require. Many online casinos offer VIP programs – with great offers / returns. For example, Cantor Casino can make you a VIP, on application, once you’ve played 5000 GBP worth or bets. Once you’re a VIP you’ll get special promotions every weekend – but in addition to this, you get 15% of losses returned every month, if you’ve been unlucky and have lost. Virgin Casino has a VIP scheme of sorts for all players: all games earn points, and you can cash in your points (for cash) or use them for Virgin Atlantic flights. Betfair Casino don’t have a VIP scheme as such – but commissions on winning person-to-person sports bets tend to go lower with the more you bet.

I’m really enjoying my current VIP status. Are you a fellow VIP? Let me know about your own experiences and how you’re getting on. You can email me, 24 hrs a day, at

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