The worst bets in ANY casino

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The following bets should be avoided in ANY casino. These bets hold the highest “hold” or “house edge” for the casino – in other words, these are the bets which in the long term will LOSE you the most money.

1. KENO – this game has a house edge of around 25 percent – that’s HUGE!

2. Progressive Slot Machines (all machines which contribute towards a combined “progressive” total): No matter what denomination the machine is set to, the house edge is typically 12 to 17 percent. It has to be high in order to pay for those huge progressive jackpots! Typical non-progressive slot machines pay back between 88 and 96% (so a 4 to 12 percent range) – which isn’t a whole lot better, but is still a better return than when playing on progressive jackpot machines.

3. TIE bet on Baccarat – this bet has a house edge of 14.4%. (Note that the banker and player bets are fine to play – but avoid the TIE bet always).

4. Various CRAPS Bets: ANY SEVEN (house edge is 16.67%); 2 AND 12 (house edge is 13.89%); WORLD (2,3,7,11,12) – house edge is 13.33%; THE HORN (house edge is 12.5%); 3 AND 11; HARD 4 and HARD 10; ANY CRAPS (house edge on all is 11.11%); HARD 6 and HARD 8 (house edge is 9.09%).

5. 5 cent / pence or lower slot machines: Typically, the lower the slot machine denomination played, the lower the return. A typical 5 cent / pence machine has a house edge of 10% to 12%.

Avoiding these bet types will help you to have a longer / more profitable playing experience.

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