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How To Beat The Casinos How To Beat The Casinos

***Updated 31 January, 2008 – This promotion now finished. Watch out for future promotions here.***

There’s only 4 days left to take advantage of my generous promotion which gives you an extra £10 or $20 when you join any of the online casinos featured in this blog. (See full entry).

Online casinos give sites like mine a small thank you payment for each new player attracted via our sites (which is nice, as it helps to keep this blog free for all). But I don’t want your money – I make enough myself through blackjack and using / abusing land-based casino promotions. And so I’ve decided to give you back a fair proportion of this payment, to improve your chances, and to help you to beat the casinos! You still get the same casino bonuses directly from the casinos – but I also give you back this extra cash (sent directly to YOU!).

Why should you do this NOW? Like all good things in life, casino promotions are always for a limited time (as mine is, above).

So take advantage of my generosity while it lasts – this “cashback” to you is a pretty unique opportunity here on the Internet! I’m not aware of other sites doing this – I want you to WIN!

Mansion still accepts USA players (and all others) – so if you’re from the USA, feel free to join up! All of the other sites accept players from elsewhere in the world but not the USA (currently). Come and play with the casinos I’ve played with over the last few years!

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