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Cantor Casino are an established brand that’s been around for a very long time. Licensed in Malta, they’re safe to play with, and very professional. Their main audience is probably UK casino players, however they offer casino accounts to individuals all around the world (with some exceptions). Cantor Casino offers a unique INSURANCE proposition for ALL of their players – with no premium required!

Here’s how it works: Join up to Cantor Casino, and satisfy their initial bonus play offer conditions. From that point onwards, play at least 500 hands of any of their games (except Financial Odds) during the month, and earn 15% cash back in case the house wins over the month. Cash back awards are accrued and credited to your account on the 1st of the following calendar month.

So, let’s say you deposit 100GBP, and win 500GBP. You’re up 500GBP for the month – congratulations! If you lose your 100GBP, you’re down 100GBP for the month – but on the first of the following month, 15GBP will be placed back into your account! This is a unique insurance offer from a unique casino – come and play at Cantor Casino today!

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