Reno Silver Legacy Casino Review

While some of the Reno casinos have Vegas counterparts, like the Circus-Circus and Harrah’s, The Silver Legacy stands alone. It’s relatively new for an old town like Reno, having started in 1995. The décor doesn’t appear to have changed since then, but that’s just fine – visitors will find that the Silver Legacy is all about subtle class.

Whether you’re on the casino floor or walking down the thoroughfare on the second level, there’s no way you can miss the giant piece of mining equipment that the hotel is so proud of. For those of you who are wondering – yes, it actual mining machinery, taken piece-by-piece from an old Nevada mining town and reassembled inside the casino. To give you an idea of its enormity, they had to build a special dome around it (the inside of which is a giant TV screen), which is a key feature when looking for the building while walking around downtown Reno.

Reno Silver Legacy Casino Mining Photo

Reno Silver Legacy Casino Mining Photo

The property has all sorts of non-gambling attractions: a slew of restaurants which include an oyster bar and a buffet; a tiki-bar called Rum Bullions, which features various events depending on the day (the dueling pianos on Saturdays are fantastic!); the Catch a Rising Star comedy club makes for a nice evening, with tickets around $20; the Aura Ultra Lounge, which is basically a mini-club with some dancer poles and very modern looking, and mostly uncomfortable, wall-side seating.

But of all the extras that the Silver Legacy boasts, I’d definitely have to say that the biggest draw is the level of acts they get to perform there. Currently on the roster are Foreigner, the Goo Goo Dolls, Kenny Rogers, and Tool. As you can see, the variety is wonderful, and these aren’t has-beens or second-rate acts, like you find at some of the other casinos. But there’s always a catch, and this one is that the concert venue is a convention hall that they convert when a show is in town. Unfortunately, this means you’re sitting in a folded chair with no stadium seating. To be fair, it’s hardly the Grand Ole Oprey, so no matter where you sit, you won’t be terribly far from the stage. Expect ticket prices to be the same as designated concert venues, though.

Reno Silver Legacy Casino Sign Photo

Reno Silver Legacy Casino Sign Photo

Unlike the neighboring Circus-Circus, the Silver Legacy is well and truly a casino, at heart. Even people walking through from the parking garage or connecting hotels (Circus-Circus and El Dorado) will be subject to a bird’s-eye view of the casino floor. Because the ceiling extends all the way up to the aforementioned dome, the casino has a very “open” feel, and I find it’s easier to spend extended periods of time in than other casinos.

There all of the standard games: roulette, penny slots, craps, etc. But there are a few things that make the Silver Legacy stand out among the rabble. For starters, the sports book is quite large and has a traditional sort of high-class vibe to it. If you like Pai Gow poker, welcome to heaven – there’s an entire section devoted to the game, with at least eight tables and its own special motif. And if you tend to favor the more obscure variations of poker, this is the place to look; about a dozen tables appear to be devoted to non-Hold ‘Em games. One of the things I personally love about this particular casino is that there is always at least one blackjack table running, which can’t be said for every local casino.

If there is a high-roller or VIP section, it isn’t locatable through a simple search of the first floor, which could be a boon or a curse, depending on your perspective. Much like the Circus-Circus, ads promoting the player’s club were minimal. I saw a few, but they were mostly generic “Hey, we have a club that you should totally join!” kinds of ads, with absolutely no mention of sign-up promotions. In my experience, the best special offers tend to get promoted to death, so while there may be sign-up specials, they’re likely negligible.

I can honestly say that the Silver Legacy is one of the most solid casinos in Reno. It’s got multiple show venues, attentive cocktail waitresses, friendly dealers, a wide variety of games and arguably the best hotel rooms in town. It doesn’t really matter if you’re looking for a place to catch a concert, gamble, or simply eat – you can’t really miss with the Silver Legacy.

Writte by Kenny Stoneman in March 2014.