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So the new “What Happens In Vegas” movie is out now in cinemas around the world. It seems to be rating well: number 3 in America, and number 1 in several international markets like Australasia – at the time of writing at least.

The storyline is simple. Starring Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, and Queen Latifah, What Happens In Vegas is a fun romantic romp where two random strangers wake up in a Vegas hotel room and discover that they got married to each other during a night of drunken debauchery. They also learn that one of them also won a huge jackpot while playing slots with the other’s quarter. They must then spend the entire day retracing their steps to figure out who owns the lucky coin and who is legally entitled to the jackpot.

My personal opinion is that the movie is a bit of fun – but it doesn’t closely represent any Vegas holiday I’ve ever taken. Well, ok, the “too much to drink” bit might, on an odd occasion. The winning a slot jackpot (but not huge) might too. But none of the surprise marriage, and debauchery!

What is nice in the film are the various shots of the Vegas Strip and Downtown areas, and the “inside casino” photography. I’ll admit that it made me feel very jealous that I’m not in Las Vegas right now. Seeing those beautiful hotels and casinos in full cinema resolution made me feel almost like I was there. **Sigh**.

Should you go and see it? If romantic comedies are your thing, why not? If you’re after a serious hour and a half of Vegas magic as we gamblers understand it, you’ll be disappointed. Still, a good bit of fun all around. Seen the movie? Let me know your thoughts.

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