Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine at 888 Games

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine at 888 Games

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The Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine is a video slot machine game at 888 Games that you can play for all of the fun and winnings of the original television game show it emulates. The Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine is based on the game show that has been around since 1975, where contestants spin a wheel that lands on a number that determines their bet. The bet is placed on their guess of a letter in a blank word space. If they guess the letter correctly they will win the cash amount the wheel pointed to and get closer to solving the puzzle. The game is amazingly popular, and has now spawned this slot machine that will be just as addictive as the original TV program – yes, a warning lies therein!

The symbols you will be playing with are the stack of golden bricks, a slice of watermelon, some grapes, a slice of an orange, a diamond ring, a ship, and a beach. The wild symbol is the Wheel, and it will substitute for any other normal symbol on the board to help you gain more winning combinations. The scatter symbol in this game is what will get you to the bonus game. In the bonus game, you step up to the wheel and start spinning, with the chance to land many huge prizes. The interesting part here is that you don’t have to stick with a low amount if you think you could land a higher amount. All you have to do is re-spin the wheel and hope for a better prize. Just be careful – if you choose to go for another prize, the slot you landed on will turn into a Bankrupt symbol. Make sure you get the prize you want before the wheel is covered with Bankrupt signs.

Want to know how to give yourself some really huge jackpots in the bonus game? If you land the Bonus Jackpot symbols in the main game, the winnings will go into the jackpot, making it larger and larger so that once you get to the bonus game you will have plenty of huge jackpot options to choose from. This game is fun, and gives the slot machine player a lot of options regarding how much they want to bet and how much they can win, which is partly under their own control. The neat concepts of this game and extra features that enhance the jackpots are just a few of the many reasons that people are flocking over to 888 Games in masses to check out the action. You should check it out too, now!

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