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There’s possibly never been a more popular slot machine than Wheel of Fortune. In Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Biloxi, and other exciting casino destinations, the Wheel of Fortune slot machine is a progressive jackpot machine, often linked to huge Quartermania or Megabucks jackpots on a wide area network. In this online version, Wheel of Fortune Hollywood,a progressive jackpot of sorts is also offered (actually, three jackpots of differing amounts can be won) – but it’s much smaller. And the progressive jackpot is earnt on one machine only – not on a whole network of machines. That said, the Wheel of Fortune Hollywood slot machine, provided by Virgin Casino, is a fun and interesting adaptation of the popular franchise – and great fun to play!

Spin the most famous wheel in TV game show history! Wheel of Fortuneā„¢ Hollywood is the 5-reel multi-coin (maximum 9 credits per line) game that lets you earn the chance to spin the Bonus Wheel and collect Hollywood-sized riches! Accumulate a huge jackpot, then try to avoid the bankrupt slice when you spin the Bonus Wheel to collect. If you have nerves of steel, keep spinning to make a fortune in the bonus round! It’s all the fun of the popular Wheel of Fortune TV series, in one game.

The base game has average sized payouts on winning symbols including watermelons, oranges, bars, and wheels. However, as the game is played, some progressive jackpot meters can be advanced – adding a whole new dimension. In the upper left corner of the play-field, there are three Bonus Jackpot Accumulators (red, orange, and yellow), each displaying a Bonus Jackpot award amount. Each time a Bonus Jackpot Symbol appears anywhere on the reels, the number of credits displayed on the symbol are added to the Bonus Jackpot Accumulator of the same colour as the symbol. The Bonus Jackpot awards can only be won in the Wheel Bonus. The Bonus Wheel has a colour coded Jackpot slice for each Bonus Jackpot.

You can earn the Wheel Bonus by getting the Bonus symbol on reels 1, 2, and 3 on a payline you have bet on. After you reach the Wheel Bonus, click the Spin button to spin the wheel and earn a bonus award. After your spin, four slices (including your last winning slice) are replaced with Bankrupt slices. Then you have a choice: take your win, or Spin Again for a chance to win more.

If you click the Take Win button, you are taken back to the main game. By clicking Spin Again, you get a chance to add to your bonus winnings by landing on another Award or Jackpot slice. On the other hand, if you land on a Bankrupt slice, you lose your bonus winnings. Landing on a Bankrupt slice will end your bonus round, but you won’t go away empty handed; you earn a consolation award that you can optionally bet on the Double or Nothing Wheel.

If you spin the wheel and land on a Double slice, your consolation award is doubled. If you spin the wheel and land on a Bankrupt slice, you lose all of your winnings, and you are taken back to the main game without winning any bonus award. You may continue to play Double or Nothing until you click Take Win, until you lose by landing on Bankrupt, or until you reach the maximum number of Double or Nothing spins, which is 5. The Double or Nothing Wheel is a completely fair wheel – you have a 50:50 chance of landing on either a Double or Bankrupt slice with every spin.

When you return to the 5-reel game after playing the Wheel Bonus, all of your Bonus Jackpot Accumulators are reset. Play Wheel of Fortune Hollywood Edition now at Virgin Casino – it’s a great, fun, exciting game!

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